First Monday Trade Days may be a well-known festival in East Texas, but that doesn't stop thousands of people from traveling to in the Canton area Canton for 4 days every month. Open from the Thursday to Monday, before the First Monday of every month, hundreds of vendors will set up shop for hundreds of shopping opportunities.What started more than a century ago as the first flea market is now one of the top-of-the-line, modern furniture, antiques, and collectibles that can be found anywhere. In the last 150 years, lots of things have changed in these quaint streets of the Original First Monday Park; however, the authentic, home-grown human relationships between vendors and buyers are what make people keep coming back.These are 2021's remaining trade days. First :September 2nd - 5thSeptember 30th - October 3rdOctober 28th - October 31st<img width="418" src="">December 2nd - 5thAccording to on the First Monday Trade Days website, it is the oldest and biggest continuously operating outdoor fleamarket in the United States.According the folks in this market, concept in First Monday Trade Days started back in the 1850's when the circuit judge would journey to Canton on the First Monday of each month. Everyone from the county would come to the city to participate in their court dealings. In the past, residents brought their own personal items, be it be produce, livestock and other pieces from their past, to trade or sell. In 1965, First Monday outgrew the town's Town Square so it was moved to its current location. And that was the end of it...First Monday Trade Days is made up of a variety of private sellers . As such, chances are that no matter how many times there, you'll never get to see all of it. The flea market is set in a large area that covers more than 700,00 square feet worth of shopping.Participating in First Monday is free, but the majority of parking facilities surrounding the trade fairs charge $5 for parkingYou can visit First Monday Trade Days website here.

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