Black abstainer. You look fine, man. Like a regular guy. Don’t sweat it. From what I can glean from your posts you’re also intelligent. Just stay cool and be yourself. Don’t copy the hip hop gangsta types though, they have a bad rep. Question: Do you mainly hit on black chicks?

To all: There are other sites that suggests a reboot over a month or more. No porn, no masturbation, no orgasm. I’m not sure which method to choose – this cyclical one or the extreme rebooting variation. Some who have rebooted tells about total loss of libido for periods, and severe withdrawal symptoms. Others say the effects have been sunshine and harmony and increased sexdrive. I need both a more lively libido and erections I can rely on.

cool May 3, 2012 at 8:18 pm @Black Abstainer You look like a normal person, stay positive all the time, if you even start contemplating things as you’ve written it’ll only get worse Be optimistic and happy.

As for all, I must say this isn’t just about dropping the “chicken choking” act, but in fact a change in a lifestyle. One must be committed. After my last failure I decided to quit it once and for all, started balancing my diet, intensifying my workouts. I became more ambitious, as it is not only just wanking, but a complete life changing set.

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