I meet Chris for the first time, and since he's a new guy who hasn't seen me in the field, I tell him that I need to buy beer, because I know we're bringing girls home. We head to nuthouse, and within 30 minutes, we identify three different sets who said that they wanna leave with us.

Apparently I AMOG'ed Kurt. I thought I didn't, but today Chris told me that I pointed at the girls, and walked away as they looked at me, which threw him off in his game. I met the girls earlier that night, that's why I did that. sorry about that.

A girl then opens up Chris and I. She bites my neck. I mirror her, and then make-out with her using my "teach her how to kiss technique" that I started developing earlier in the week. Things go crazy, and we got kicked out of the nuthouse for nothing. The reason? "the girl is always right, no matter what" What kind of sexist shit is that? Everything was fine until the girl pissed me off and I yelled out "NEXT! BYE! NEXT!" and embarrassed her in front of everyone as they were laughing at her. +1 for the guys.

Chris, new Dan, and I leave, thinking that we wouldn't meet up with the girls who said that they wanted to leave with us earlier, because we got kicked out. We go back to my place and all of a sudden, look who shows up at my door with two of the girls who were suppose to leave with us, VoK.

blah blah blah, I isolate the blonde in a bedroom, but I then try to leave because some guy Vok knows laid claim to her. She tells me "no, don't go, no." I leave anyway. The guy shows up. Him, VoK, and the blonde go outside to smoke. I then make out with the brunette using the same "teach her how to kiss technique" in front of Chris. The brunette says that she wants to spend the night. The blonde comes in wanting to leave, even if it means walking home. The guy I don't know comes chasing her, offering a ride. They leave, and all I'm thinking is "If he wouldn't have invited that guy over, I'd be with the blonde rigth now, and they'd both be spending the night."

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