As for strength, size etc - men are more likely to be bigger, stronger and faster than women. There are exceptions to this rule - Paula Radcliffe is probably faster than a good many men, f'r example. And yes, Bill Gates may look like the stereotypical nerd, and yes, he is one of the richest men in the world, but the field he's in is still a predominantly male one. It's slowly getting better, but when even the women who work in the industry can have problems coming up with ideas on how to make it seem attractive to schoolgirls, then it's going to take a long while before it gets very much better.

Equal opportunities does not mean that any given job can be done equally as well by a man or a woman, or by an able-bodied or disabled person; but that if a candidate can do a job, it doesn't (shouldn't) make a blind bit of difference if they are male, female, able-bodied or disabled, black, white, straight, gay, or a Martian (immigration laws allowing).

Finally, in relation to this bit: ...when international relations meant divide and conquor. We don't live in those days anymore. As an onlooker rather than a participant in internation relations, I'm not entirely sure we've got past those days yet.

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so" Hamlet, somewhere.

Submitted by ConfusedOfHomeC... on Sat, 21/08/2004 - 20:47. Login or register to post comments FYI Louise wrote:

You say it's entirely a woman's call if she chooses to take a submissive role in her relationship, but surely even you are not so far gone in smugness that you're not aware that in much of the world (the real world, that is not the fantasy land you inhabit) a woman does not have a choice about whether to have a submissive relationship or not, it is a legal and social requirement.

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