img width="300" src="">Massage has been around since the beginning of time, dating back to Chinese and Greek cultures. With the introduction of Swedish massage and other techniques for massage, massage has grown in popularity across the world. There are over 80 different types of massage that you can pick from, each with its own techniques, pressures and motions. All of them involve rubbing, pushing, or kneading of muscles and soft tissues using your hands and fingers.For those who are looking for natural, non-invasive forms of treatment There are massage techniques that use touch and massage therapy. This is a good starting point for people suffering from injuries or pain because the massage therapist can direct the patient's fingers or hand towards relief and healing. If done correctly, massage can provide not only physical , but also mental as well as emotional benefits. Regular sessions of massage therapy can assist patients increase their mobility, reduce tension in the muscles, reduce blood pressure, and relieve stress and fatigue.You may be amazed at how Swedish massage therapists use massage strokes. First of all, Swedish massage therapy begins by a massage therapist applying pressure over specific regions of the body to relax muscles that are stiff and painful. The massage therapists then use strokes to apply further pressure to the areas they have worked on in a series of movements, from one to the next. This process is known as massage therapy. Many massage therapists also utilize relaxation oils such as lavender, chamomile and Rosemary to help soothe their clients.Swedish massage has been proven to increase blood flow to the skin and improve overall soft tissue health by using the whole body as one unit. If massaged correctly, the whole body will benefit from muscle and tissue relaxation as well as enhanced circulation. The increased circulation helps the body rid itself of toxins , and reduces swelling. Another technique utilized in Swedish massage is Effleurage. Effleurage is similar to the way it moves to Swedish massage, but it employs continuous smooth strokes. Effleurage involves long, sweeping movements as well continuous friction between the moving in a gliding manner. The end result is a relaxing deep massage that massages muscles, pulls joints and tendons and stimulates the deeper layers of tissue. Effleurage is often used together with other techniques, such as suction or vacuuming.Endorphin release is a different important aspect of Swedish massage therapy. The therapist manipulates the muscles and ligaments to release endorphins. This increases the lymph system's ability to remove waste products. The increase in flow of lymphatic fluids helps to eliminate excess fluids out of joints and allow your muscles to relax. Swedish massage improves blood flow to the skin , helping to eliminate any toxins. Swedish massage can be a great way to relax and rejuvenate your body. It can help reduce tension levels, increase energylevels, and enhance the quality of your life.When a therapist performs massages using the thumb, fingers, forearms, palms of hands, elbows shoulders, back, neck and head, he or she stimulates the same areas as the therapist uses to perform Swedish massage. These are the same areas where therapists work to provide deep muscle massage. The difference is the fact that Swedish massage is able to go deeper than the massage therapist can because it is performed with smooth and continuous strokes. Massage for deep muscle tissue requires a slower pace and more pressure than a Swedish massage therapist.The primary difference between the two massages is that the Swedish massage is performed in smooth, continuous strokes while the deep muscle massage is performed at a faster rate. Both techniques have a lot in common such as relaxation, increased circulation and reduced muscle soreness. The only difference between the techniques is how they apply pressure. The therapist employs long constant strokes for Swedish massage. The Swedish massage therapist also has the ability to learn the body and posture of each client to be able to determine where to apply pressure.

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