Most adults walk at a speed of 3-4 miles per hour, and therefore walk a mile in about 15 to 20 minutes. Certain people are more or less efficient than that, and the speed of walking may be affected by age and gender, as well as fitness level.Do you know how to calculate the walking speedIf you are planning a trip, day trip or are preparing for a marathon or a sponsored walk, it is important to estimate how many minutes it takes you to walk one mile. Individual health conditions can affect the amount of time required to walk a mile (and other aspects like gender, age and pace) can also be considered in your planning.Walking speed by theWe don't mean the amazing phenomenon that it takes three hours walk two blocks the toddler (so many fascinating holes in walls to look at!)You might be shocked to discover that the sprightly twentysomethings actually tend to walk at a slower pace than their older thirty-something and forty-something peers. It's true. When we hit our 40s Our walking speed reduces.A 75-year-old can walk a mile with 2.1mph in only 28 minutes and 34 secs. A 23-year-old can be able to walk 3mph in 20 minutes.Walking speed by genderAll ages are more efficient for women than men. They might have larger legs. might also be more likely to run late to do something...Walking speed at a paceThere's another element to take into account when you calculate how long it takes to walk a mile: are you strolling, walking , or slogging along the road? It's different to walk at a slower speed when you're enjoying the country air as opposed to the moment you're afraid you'll miss the train.Here are some numbers for various walking speeds:Fast Speed: 100-119 steps per minute or 11 minutes for every mileNormal: 80-99 steps per minute / 15 minutes per mile<img width="476" src="">Relaxed 60 to 79 steps per hour / 20 minutes for each mileSee the miles chart below to get an idea of how long it would be to walk a certain number of miles at a leisurely, normal or fast pace.The last entry in our chart gives us the answer to the question "How much time would the Proclaimers travel 500 miles?" It takes the Proclaimers around 125 hours (7500 mins) to cover 500 miles at a normal pace.

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