Adults can walk 3-4 miles per hour, and they can walk one mile in between 15 and 20 minutes. People with different abilities may be more or less fast than this. Walking speed can also be affected by age and gender, your fitness level as well as gender.<img width="496" src="">Do you know how to calculate walking speed?When you're planning your next trip or an outing, or preparing for an event like a marathon or sponsored walk You may wish to know how long it takes to walk one mile. Individual health will of course affect the length of time needed to walk a mile however more general factors such as age, gender and pace are something you can account in your plans.Speed of walking based on ageWe're not talking about the incredible phenomena of having to walk two blocks with a child within three hours (so many cracks in walls to look at!) may be shocked to find out that young, lively twenty-somethings actually tend to walk slower than their older thirty-something and forty-something peers. It's real. After we reach the age of 50, our walking speed drops again.At 2.1 miles per hour, it will take a person aged 75 to walk a mile in an average time of nearly half an hour (28 minutes and 34 seconds) for a person aged 23 can walk at 3mph, and walk for about 20 minutes.The speed at which women walk varies according to genderMen are more agile than women in all age categories. They may have longer legs. They could also be more likely to delay something.Walking speed according to paceThere's a third thing to think about when you are calculating the time it will take to walk a mile: are you strolling, walking , or slogging through the streets? If you are a fan of the fresh air of the country and the fresh air, your pace will be slow compared to when you're worried about missing the train.Here are some numbers that represent various walking speeds:Fast 100 to 119 steps per hour or 11 minutes for every mileNormal - between 80 and 99 steps every hour or 15 minutes per mileRelaxed: 60 to 79 steps per minute / 20 minutes per mileYou can see the mile chart below to get an estimate of how much time it will take to walk the distance at a normal fast or relaxed pace.The final entry of our chart provides us with the answer to the question "How much time would the Proclaimers be required to walk 500 miles?" The answer is the equivalent of 125 hours (7500 minutes) at a normal walking pace.

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