In this article, you will see the different flying stars in each of the 9 sectors for 2011. Besides giving on further improving the favorable sectors, you furthermore learn the right way to minimize the unfavorable sectors.Those conflicting with even now of the three killings may suffer from medical issues, like falling sick frequently, suffering from deteriorating medical condition or choosing accident. Office and study room found in the Southern sector of dwelling or building should be relocated. If not possible, then for the minimum, apply feng shui cures to weaken electricity.Star 7, the 'scandal star', possesses metal energy, therefore, using water in this particular sector in 2010 would help you avoid conflicts or scandals. Some people would use bamboo sticks placed in the jar water. Keep in mind, it's the that decreases the metal. The bamboos are merely used for decoration employs. Using a black or blue carpet is also highly recommended in this sector.If , avoid spending too lots of time in these 2 markets. If you have no choice, but to sleep in either of all of these sectors, then you need to use Metallic objects to weaken the unfavorable effects on the stars. You may place a metallic wind chime, or 6 copper coins in the sector. But is still to totally avoid these 2 important.Each year, there are three major, Shas (Bad Energy) floating. These three Shas have the Starsector to override any flying stars combination regardless is your credit report the chart is. Those 3 Shas are called.The 1 white star from period 8 amplifies the energy of the 3 argumentative jade star previously west sector. More legal issues, arguments, fights expected, that might be in order to resolve.One of the ways is to wear the Northwest sector of the unit with red, pink, purple or brown entities. You can paint this sector of the boss bv9990 player with these colors if your unit uses a fresh coat of tart up. From flying stars feng shui 2011 perspective, are generally three basic more approaches to tap into the energy of this star.

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