"I am NOT moving! I am PREGNANT! I want to hold on [there is a grip on the top of the seats for standing passengers]"

The person who asked must have made a face or something because next thing you know...

"DON'T you cut your eyes at me! I am PREGNANT! I am NOT moving! So F*CK YOU!" and then glancing at everyone staring at her added, "..and F*CK you all!"

And in the deathly silence, only one sound was heard... It was me, letting out the smallest shocked giggle. I cut it off as soon as it escaped but the boyf shot me the evils and I knew he'd tell me off when we got off the train.

A few minutes later, after the train was held at the station for a few minutes, an announcement came over the loudspeaker.

"Apologies ladies and gentleman for the delay to your service. Unfortunately we had to break up a fight between two passengers who were fighting over the cramped conditions."

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