Producing music from start to finish is a time-consuming process. There are so many micro-decisions going into a song. Having a workflow that accelerates the process makes all the difference. Too often, producers waste time with small details that are not linked to the track at hand. When you're producing, you want to get what's inside your head into the computer as soon as possible with as few steps as possible. Make sure Pre-production is done firstDon't wait until you get in a recording studio to begin working on your project. The songs, the artist, and the band should be well rehearsed. Don't pay for studio time that you don't need. Time is money so don't waste it, do pre-production first.Get to know the artist you are working withFrom my experience, the chemistry between the producer and artist is key to making a great song. This can make or break the vibe of a great record. so as a producer it's crucial to get to know your artist. Not just from a musical point of view but their personality also. Are they an introvert or an extrovert? How hard can you push them? Do you have respect for one another? Are you both focused on the same goals? Making the record the best it can be should be your main objective.Be a record producer not a dictatorNo artist wants to work with a producer who makes them feel small. It's counterproductive if you make the artist feel you know everything just because you have some notches on your belt. If you're playing "it's my way or the highway" game, in most cases you are struggling a losing battle. Artists want to feel they are a part of the recording process and have some input on the direction of the songs they are recording.Know the song completely before going into the studioThere's nothing worse than going into a studio while you're still working on the system, lyric's, structure and style of the song. This tip works for the producer and the artist. ex. #1 I'm not a firm believer that an artist needs to have the lyrics in the vocal booth while they are singing. I believe the artist should have studied and know the lyrics of the song so well that the energy, passion, and story of the song should be the artist's only focus. ex. #2 The producer should know the song so well that he knows the core of the song is tailor-made for the artist's voice, the instrumentation is precisely what he wants and the studio and the recording engineer is ideal for the song he is producing.Manage your business before you step one foot into the studioThis one is super! Please, please don't wait until you're in the studio to get your down payments for production, musicians fees, studio fees, engineering fees...etc. DON'T do anything without a contractual agreement! I recommend you hire an entertainment attorney. If you can't afford one at the time, at least talk with a skilled music consultant who can help with this.All of these tips are an important way to begin your journey in becoming a record producer like . As you work on these steps, stay calm as it can become slightly tricky at times. Learn to love the process and everything that comes along with it.

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