It is quite obvious that the NFC has become the power conference in the NFL and while the AFC has just a few teams at the top, the NFC is way balanced. All you need to see is the Giant's last season success. Therefore, let us present the preseason power rankings in the NFC, NFL football betting will never be the same again!Green Bay Packers +250 NFC and +500 Super BowlAbsolutely? no surprise in here, they are the King of the NFC for now and, according to the NFL Future Odds, they are the favorites to win it. They won't need any other players if their defense improves since last year. Aaron Rodgers is at the center so be on the lookout! San Francisco 49ers +350 NFC, +700 Super BowlThis? is my second favorite slot. And, what do you k2021-11-02 (火) 09:21:21 - the NFL Odds Makers agree with me. Although they weren't expected to do much last season, they were able to dominate the NFC right up to the NFC Title Game. They just ran out of gas. While there were some key special teams' mistakes in that game, the Niners's defense was and still is killer. Their offense has greatly improved this season and Alex Smith can play solidly, the Niners might be able to knock out the Packers in the title game.New Orleans Saints +800 NFC, +1500 Super Bowl<img width="364" src="">Let's just put in the Saints, and forget about the Eagles. They would have been #2 if it weren't for the bounty-gate stuff. However, they are 4th in the odds, and 3rd on my power rankings. They might miss Sean Peyton, but we all know he was just oil in that engine. It is possible to change oil. Drew Brees and Saints' offense remain very dangerous, even though the engine has just signed a new contract. The Saints are still a contender for the Super Bowl. They have a clip on their shoulder and, in football, that's bad news for opposing teams.Chicago Bears +1000 NFC, +2000 Super BowlIt?'s not absurd to rank the Bears higher than the Eagles. Even though Bears cannot fly, they have a great QuarterBack? and really good RunningBacks?. Their receivers are much better this season. And their defense makes Philly look elementary. They are going to be a big surprise this season, and that will make NFL betting a lot more exciting. Keep your eyes peeled for Jay Cutler's and Brandon Marshall's return to Denver chemistry.Philadelphia Eagles +400 NFC, +1800 Super BowlThey? would have been in a better place if they had shown off their last playoffs. Michael Vick and his team don't have enough solid defense or offensive consistency to move them higher. They could bust out and fly up the list once the season starts, but, the last position in the list will do for now.

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