Introduction:When Kai, a 15 yo horse loving teen comes to Anton station, she realises horses arn't the only thing she could ever wantSorry peopels taking a break from Link as i am TOTALLY stumped and thought of a new idea for a story,Kai, with her long brown, curly hair with help from the breeze, whipped at the back of her neck. Her long eyelashes, whihc almost hid her sky blue eyes, kept the dirt out of her eyes. As the horse reared up in front of her, Kai put her arms up in front of her and softly bowed to the horse. It's quick movements were sharp and Kai didn't knwo if she could break the horse or not. After about a minute, the scared horse started to get down of it's front legs, and bowed back. kai smiled and she patted the wild horse."Is it safe 2021-12-13 (月) 04:33:37" Mr. Belate, the station owner asked."It's still wild, but now it knows im here to be a friend" kai answered without looking at him, but just kept petting the horse. Kai slowly picked up a bridle and put it on the horse, ever so carefully, as not to scare him. Kai smiled again as the horse let her do so without reacting."Well your hired missy!" Mr. Belate chuckled. Kai breathed a sigh of relief, she finally had a job working with the animals she loved. As Kai stepped out of the ring to let other people take the horse to the stables Mr. Belate stopped her."Now listen missy, we get up at 6 am sharp can you handle that?" He gave her a stern look."Yes of course Mr. Belate" kai said as she nodded. She was going to stay in a little room above the stable where her new horse 'Braye' would settle in nicely. As Kai walked down the path, she tripped on a low bank and tumbled over. When she tried to pick herself up from the dry dirt, she felt strong hands help pull her up onto her feet. She turned around to see an anxious, but very handsome face looking her up and down with his brown eyes."Are you alright?" He asked worryingly. He was about her age, with brown hair that hang just past his eyes."Umm.. i think so.." She said as she looked herself over, for any possible injuries."Do you need help getting back to the station?" his eyes were soft, and almost pleading, as if he wanted her to say yes."Um no im fine" Kai nodded and she pulled herself from his grip and limped off, she only took about 3 steps before she fell over again. Once again strong arms helped her up."I don't think im going to take 'no' for an answer' he said as he helped her up onto his horse. She patted the horses short, brown mane as it flicked it's head in approval. When they got back to the station, she said thanks and quickly hobbled off. He watched her as she hobbled past her horses stable and up the stairs into the tiny bedroom. Little did she know that his was next door...As morning broke, and the suns rays were shining in through the cracks in the windows, she stretched out and yawned. It was Sunday, and even Mr. Belate lets them sleep another hour. She layed in her bed, but then sat up and pulled her baggy pyjamas up, as they were around her ankles."I seriosuly have to get new pyjamas..."she muttered to herself as she wiggled and squirmed to get them up, without letting herself be exposed to the cold winter morning. She groaned as she looked at her alarm clock.5:45aam??? she groaned again as she realised she stil had over an hour, but couldn't possibly get back to sleep. So she decided to just think about things, the boy was the hottest topic to think about. She didn't even ask his name!! At 6 she was glad she still had another whole hour to relax, so she looked at the wall to her right. I wonder who's next door? She thought to herself. A single unlocked door was the obstycal to next door. She daren't open it, just in case. 15 minutes later she decided to gte dressed. When she had just put on her lacy black bra, she went to grab her jeans from her closet, when she turned, the door was open, and the handsme boy from the day before was just standing there with his mouth open in a sort of 'o' shape as he looked as her half naked body."I-i umm..." he muttered as he slammed the door shut. Kai's heart was beating at 100k/h. She didn't think of hiding herself when she saw him. But it oddly turned her on. But she quickly dismissed that thought and got dressed. She decided she was going to avoid him at all costs. But believe me that is almost impossible when he lives right next door...[b]5 Month later of intense avoiding ;DAs Kai was washing Braye, she noticed something was diffrent. Braye was extremely fat, but her diet was normal. As Kai prodded around Braye for a few minutes she stormed out furous, into the stable next to her. The familiar boy was washing his dark black horse and didn't see her."Your complete imbelcil!" she shouted. "Your stupid horse got Braye pregnate!" He stood up and walked over to her, he was half a head taller than her but she didn't back off, still fuming."What makes you think it was my horse?" he said scarily calm."Because your horse is the only male here!" she held up her hands and gestured around."Well haven't we gotten a little paranoid" the boy said, raising his voice a little."Your better keep your animal of a horse away from mine!" She said, pursing her lips."Well maybe if your horse didn't prance around like a... like a..""Go on say it" she dared.<img width="388" src="">"a slut" he spat. She couldn't control her anger anymore, she slapped him, with one swift motion the stable was filled with her hand finding it's mark on his face. He stared at her anger. She strode out, but ruined the effect by slipping on some stray loosen and tripped. Just then Mr. Belate ran into her. "Oh, im sorry Kai" he said as he looked around."Oh i see you have met my son Riley" He said chuckling. Kai froze on the spot as Riley smiled smugly at her."Why are you holding your face Riley?" Mr. B enquired."Oh...." He looked at Kai, as the blood drained from her face" Knights tail flicked me again" he nodded. Kai couldn't believe what just happened."Oh ok" Mr. B sighed as he looked at Knigh, Riley's Horse. "menace that horse" he mumbled as he walked away. Kai just stood there looking at Riley, before he grabbed his pitch fork and started shovelling hay in the stable."Why'd you cover me?" She asked, in total confusion."Because you look like you gte into enough trouble" he shook his head, as he turned his back to her and started shovelling again."Hey! im just as angelic as you are" she kept her voice even as she grabbed his shoulder, forcing him to turn to her a little. He raised his eyebrows at her."Take a look at yourself" he sneared"your just a kid!" he shook his head."Im not a kid!"She yelled, walking in front of him."What are you? like 12 13? he guessed as he stoped shovelling."15" she said, her voice dropping. He turned towards her "15?" he said, his eyebrows knotting together."you look younger, i just thought you were tall for your age." he shrugged."how old are you?" she said, leaning against the swide of the stable."15" he said as he started shovelling again. Kai heard her horse whinnying, and quickly said 'goodbye' before rushing out the door.Riley it was such a perfect name, it was sexy, just as he was. Kai shook her head, she didn't want to gte involved with boys... yet.. ;DIf you would like part 2 comment and please tell me what you think :DDDDD

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