There must be something horribly wrong with me because Johnny Depp has always left me cold. Sure, if he snuck into my bedroom begging for some lovin’, I wouldn’t tell him to take a hike. But here he is, People’s Sexiest Man Alive again and I’m like, “whatev.”

I never agree with People’s choices around beauty and sexiness. Boring Pierce Brosnan? Frat Boy Affleck? Two-time Sexiest winner Brad Pitt’s another hunk about whom I’ve always been lukewarm. I was down with former Sexiest Men Denzel and Clooney, and still consider JFK, Jr. one of the sexiest men to have ever walked the planet. But the rest of People‘s choices…yawn.

So what better thing to do on a cold Sunday afternoon than sit around deciding who the sexiest men in the world are. Here’s my list.

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