In The A Writers Odyssey, the first novel in Tom Shankwell's fantasy novels A classic tale of epic proportions The once bustling city of Odysseus lives on. It is an opulent city of silver, gold and luxury that remains unshakeable in the midst of civil turmoil. Orestes is a young woman is now able to visit the site and learn about the ancient secrets that have been discovered there for a small fee. She must accept herself as an honest, free and a decent woman on her journey. The story is based upon the life Odysseus who, although it is possible that he was raised here but has left the world of the living to continue his journey back to thebes.For fans of the classic literature This novel is sure to provide something fresh and new. As I was reading the book I realized that it wasn't just the story of Odysseus on her own. It also dealt with how a woman who was forced by circumstances to leave behind her family and home was able to find freedom, love and happiness in her own body, mind and soul. The movie available to stream online for free (with Spanish subtitles), can be a great companion to the classic story of Odysseus.The best thing about the novel, which is available to read and viewed online for free, is that it is based on the true story. Christopher Marlowe's novel has been a huge hit. No matter if you're familiar with the original tale or not, this version isn't what Odysseus might look like. Marlowe's version of the character was one of a wry, humorous and often arrogant hero, while in the original he was described as a prince charming, as most were.If you're looking for an old-fashioned story that has romance and hope for a happy ending, then you must go through the Odyssey. The Odyssey is the beginning of the story, with Odysseus facing his foe, Illiad. Odysseus escapes from the ship that was carrying him after his love Calypso dies giving birth to Hydriannon. Heading back to his homeland to find that his homeland was in turmoil, and a significant portion of the region was destroyed. With the majority of the country in ruin, Odysseus decided to join his old friend and ally Menelaus, who had been assigned the responsibility of leading the Greeks into battle against the Trojans. Menelaus is an experienced and skilled warrior who led his fellow Greek soldiers to victory over the Trojans. However, Odysseus was unsure that he was able to defeat the Persian army so he looked for other allies.One of the most interesting and compelling characters in the story, Achilles, was described as a wiser, older man who was aware of what he was doing. Achilles was determined to achieve an even more ambitious goal in the epic poem Odyssey that was to get married Diana the goddess of love and bring her back to the earth by crossing the Seas of Troubled Waters along with his newly-armed warrior soldiers. This was the beginning of many wars between Persians and the Greeks. It's a story that continues today with Barrack Obama, our US President.As I read the Odyssey, I was excited about the progression of the story. I felt a strong connection to the characters and storyline as I saw Patroclus, Odysseus' old friend. As as a writer, I try to create characters that I like on all levels. As an avid reader of the ancient Greek literature, it's thrilling to discover the complexities of the storylines and characters, and also to learn about the world of the past and how it formed itself into the complex web we know it to be today. Discovering about Odysseus and the Trojan War was fascinating in that it reinforces the idea of freedom, and how each person was able to endure the trials and hardships of attempting to achieve it, while putting his own thoughts into words.After I've re-created the Odyssey to write my own online fiction for free, it's time to share it with the world. My first draft, is available for online reading here. After editing and adjusting it for clarity, style, and consistency I am putting it up for free online. My intention is to allow others to benefit from it and gain insights. If you've been a fan of classical Greek literature or not, I encourage you to check out this intriguing line.<iframe src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>Click the link below to see the entire story. It will keep you entertained for hours and help you comprehend and appreciate A Authors Odyssey. If you've never read it before this book will give you an opportunity to re-discover the classics and uncover new and more intriguing ways to interpret classic literature. This story line is sure to be a hit with readers of Aeneasian Literature and Homeric Literature. This story line will appeal to those who haven't read any of Homer's works. It will let you experience new ways to interpret characters and give you a chance to read Homer's works. Enjoy A Authors Odyssey!

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