The dreams I slumbered within was mindboggling, to say the least. The only things I could remember was that everything was vividly blurred, and I couldnt stop hearing the echoes of whispers cascade around me.It felt like I was asleep for just a few minutes, but when my eyes finally opened, the rays of the early morning sunlight beamed the empty room awake.I groaned and immediately, everything began to come back to me as I realized my voice was.. different. I went to move my arms, but unfortunately, they were still tied to the bedframe from last night!F-fuck.. I managed to choke out. My voice felt scratchy, and it sounded.. it sounded way higher pitched than normal, but it was still a normal voice. Just.. feminine.I felt my heart begin to race and the blood in my face boil as last night continued to play in my mind. The pumping in my veins was almost deafening as I struggled at the ties, which seemed to be loosening with every tug.My body ached all over, and there were still remnants of that tingling fiery sensation I felt last night. Now; however, it was aimed more towards my sides, hips, and hands. Fortunately, it seemed to be quickly subsiding.I groaned and grunted with each tug of the rope as the ache cuddled and squeezed my muscles with every tug. Eventually, my hands managed to slip out of the knot. I immediately sat up and inspected my hands and wrists ? they seemed smaller.In-fact, everything seemed just a bit smaller. My entire body felt way off. My hands werent the same as they were yesterday ? they had gotten smaller, and more feminine. I quickly put two and two together and realized that fiery sensation Ive been experiencing all along was to blame.I knew something was different about her! I shouldve trusted my gut, but.. I couldnt help myself. Thatthing did something to me last night. She changed me!I pushed myself off the bed with a groan. As I went to stood up, I immediately fell down.Agh- damn it.. I grudged as I plopped down. Everything was so.. different. I even felt like I had gotten shorter.I began to look around the room, and to my horror, I spotted a mirror that reflected back at me. Except- it wasnt me.I was staring at the reflection of a girl I had never seen before. I crawled towards the mirror and put a hand on it as I stared at myself.My hair was the same color ? black ? but it was way longer, and it felt smooth as I ran my free hand through it. I stared at my face and touched it ? it felt normal, but my face had somehow morphed. If not for the horror pounding in my head, I wouldve thought that I looked beautiful. Even my eye color had changed ? from a dark blue to a deep purple. It was strange, considering I had never seen anyone with naturally purple eyes. I guess my situation isnt so natural, though.I sat on my knees and glanced further down to inspect the rest of my body. To no surprise, I still had breasts from last night. Where my dick used to be instead, was a...I gulped as my heart skipped a beat. I stared at myself and my vagina, the horror pounding at my brain faded away as the headache receded. A new, but different feeling began to stir as I couldnt take my eyes off of it.The lips were quite puffy and did a decent job of hiding everything inside. The clit; however, was just a bit bigger than average and just about poked out from beneath the hood. A majority of it was still hidden behind the lips, though.My breasts werent very big ? they were actually pretty small - barely even an A cup; however, touching them sent these almost electric waves down my body and between my legs. My nipples were more sensitive than ever before, and as I traced around and pinched at them with my fingers, I began to feel almost an itch build up deep within me. As my nipples hardened and expanded outwards, I could feel the itch build higher and higher and I began to feel a wetness trickle down my leg.I couldnt help but notice the rest of my body, either. There were so many differences, yet, it all felt strangely familiar. My abdomen was toned in a way that my abs werent visible anymore, but it seemed smoother. Sexy. Not a hair on my body except on my head. My sides were slightly closer together, leaving my body looking pretty curvy which had complimented my breasts and hips beautifully. My hips and ass were a bit bigger, too. Even my thighs and calves seemed to have gotten smoother, curvier, and softer to the touch.I silently moaned as I stared and prodded at myself, awestruck in the situation I was in. One side of me couldnt help but to experience something so new. Something so different. Everything felt different, but really good.The other side of me was temporarily forgotten about as my devious desires steadily took over me. The curiosity within me couldnt stop my hand from exploring something so new.As my hand traced further down over my breasts, down my belly, and over my mound, a deep lust-fueled hunger rose from deep within me. I could feel almost a heartbeat begin to form between my legs as my clit began to hungrily pulsate. I could feel a strange surge of blood flow to my groin ? as if expecting to get an erection ? but the only thing I felt was reminiscent of that of a phantom limb.My fingers eventually reached the hood and lips, and as they did, I felt a deep electrical spark course throughout my body as the sensitivity of the entire area was immaculate. Even the gentle breeze of the empty room felt exceedingly good down there.The most surprising detail my finger detected was how wet I had gotten. I wasnt sure if it was normal for anyone to be this wet, but as I looked, I realized that a small puddle of my own juices had begun to form beneath me.The most interesting thing about it all is how different and new it all felt to me. Originally, when I was horny, I felt full of a deep urge to release. Now? I feel this empty scratch that could only be fixed by feeling full.I continued to explore with my fingers, eventually sending a sudden shudder throughout my body as my fingers found my clit.Oh- I sharply gasped, surprised at how good it felt.I sat my finger on top of my clit for a few moments ? taking in the wavering pleasure that plateaued in my nether regions. Initially, my mind wanted me to stroke a cock as the feeling of a phantom limb still resided.I began to gently rub at it, and despite how gentle I was, it still seemed I was pressing too hard. The intense sensitivity sent my hips rocking about and forced me to moan as I couldnt seem to rub it for too long at a time. It was almost as if the phantom limb was adding onto my pleasure; the inability to stroke ? and instead having to rub ? felt incredibly strange, but good. While having to adjust the way I masturbate was awkward, the way my hands tried to learn their new pathways in the mirror had made the heartbeat between my legs beat harder. The pleasure was just so intense from just touching it. The only thing I could compare this feeling to was back when I had a penis - the tip would be too sensitive to touch after cumming ? except, this felt better by tenfold! The immaculate pleasure I experienced as I continued to rub against my clit began to feel piercing as a different feeling approached me.Something deep within me was building up, and it was building up quickly!I tried propping myself up in a way that I could get a better angle; however, my legs felt like noodles. They were shaking too much from the constant pleasure - it made the simple task of moving mostly unfeasible.As I continued to rub against my clit, bearing with the sensitivity, I began to rub faster and faster despite the pleasure feeling as if it were plateauing. A deep desire buried within me wanted to stroke myself so badly in order to fulfil the release I was searching for.A few moments pass and I realize what I need to finally push me over the edge. I stopped clutching at my small breasts with my left hand, while my right hand had its own mind and kept going at my clit.Eventually, I managed to sit up in a way that allowed me to move my hand beneath my ass which opened up an easier passage to my slit. I felt around for a few moments before finding my mark, and with only one finger, I gently began to slide it inside of myself.Initially, it didnt feel like much, but as the first knuckle went deeper, I definitely began to feel the pleasure. It was much more sensitive than last night was. As my finger went deeper and deeper, my back arched more and more. The feeling of my own tight vagina around my finger was almost enough to send me over the edge ? the wet walls felt so smooth as they hugged my finger warmly.With my fingers about 2/3rds of the way in, I began to gently move it around in a scratching motion. With each scratch sent a deep pulse of ecstasy coursing deeper into my vagina, and up to my tits. In combination with the motion, I began to properly fuck myself. I thrusted my left index finger in and out. Each thrust scratched the desire to be full ? but it almost wasnt enough.As I thrusted faster and deeper with my left hand, my right hand began to rub against my clit in unison.With each thrust sent my finger deeper, and I quickly began to feel my climax approaching again. Eventually, I began to squeeze both my index and middle finger in. The size difference was strangely painful, but not bad. Almost immediately; however, the pain disappeared as the pleasure from my vaginal walls squeezing around my fingersAs my fingers delved deeper, they finally touched something hard at the end. I could only imagine it was my cervix, and despite it being somewhat painful to touch, it felt amazing!Just a few more thrusts deep within me was enough to send me over the edge. All in one moment, it felt like all the muscles in my nether regions tightened and tensed around my fingers. I could feel my vaginas muscle walls spasming in a fit of convulsions. My nipples felt like they were on fire, which was fueled by intense lust as I could feel a gush of ooze rushing past my fingers.The intensity of everything happening was almost too much. I fell back down onto my side and ceased all movements as everything felt so sensitive. So good. Occasionally, a pulse of ecstasy would force a limb to twitch erratically which would be the reason why I pulled my fingers out and away and crossed my arms while holding my breasts tight to my chest. I squeezed my arms with my hands tight enough to leave red welts as the consistent tsunami wave of orgasm crashed against everything inside of me. Rocking me to a near slumber.I sat on the floor, breathing heavily and unable to move in a quite hefty puddle of my own pussy juices as the orgasm continued to slowly recede over me. The only thing that seemed feasible at the time was occasionally groaning with deep lust as I could still feel my clit pulsing in waves of pleasure. I held my eyes closed for what felt like forever.ȡI dont actually own thisġɡȡTheres something you need to know-ġɡȡa bit dangerous for youġɡHuh?! I sputtered, suddenly jolted awake as I heard a cellphone going off.I shook my head and rubbed my temples for a moment, recollecting myself and trying to remember what I was just dreaming about as it quickly slipped from thought.My attention turned to the ringing cellphone. The tune sounded familiarġMy phone! I gasped aloud, I began to make my way over to my pants in a fashion that started out as a crawl and turned into almost a drunken-stumble as I quickly learned how to walk again in this new body.Using the end of the bedframe as a support, I made my way to my pants. I searched through all the pockets ? wallet, money, a half-eaten banana flavored laffy taffy, keys, and-Here we go... I mumbled aloud, pulling my phone out of my pocket. As I went to answer it, it was at the end of its final ring.I stared at my phone as the Missed Call notification popped up.I rolled my eyes as I mumbled aloud, unknown number? I still couldnt get used to my voice. It sounded so foreign and different to me. I rubbed my throat for a second as I thought about it, when a notification dinged out from my phone.A voicemail? I muttered in an attempt to practice my voice, who-whatever.Deciding to listen to it later, the coldness of the room began to get to me. The fire in the living room must have gone out sometime last night.I began to put my clothes on, but immediately figured that it wasnt going to work well. My boxers were just a bit too big and sagged a lot, and my pants wouldnt stay up ? theyd just slide straight back down to my ankles.<img width="441" src="">With a roll of my eyes, I clenched my jaw in frustration. Despite the largeness of my long-sleeve shirt, I threw it on anyway. I waddled over to my hoodie in my boxers and shirt to throw the hoodie on, as well. Despite how big it was, it was quite snug and comfortable!I opened the closet in search of a belt, but instead found a few pairs of jeans that seemed to fit me better than my pants did. They looked like they were for girls, too, so I took them. I didnt really feel bad about it, either, considering last nights events. There were a lot of other clothes, too, but I was too hungry to look through everything.I slid them on over my boxers. After zipping and buttoning them up, I realized that my boxers fabric was somewhat uncomfortable. It felt scratchy, but the lingering ardor from my explorations just a few hours ago made me never mind the feeling. In fact, it almost felt good.I shook my head and brushed the thoughts away as I felt my stomach rumble with hunger. I finally threw my shoes and socks on just before I heard the front door slam open and shut. Strangely enough, it never occurred to me that this wasnt Lishas house ? and that someone else owns it - despite the fact that she told me last night before I drifted.I felt my heart immediately sink deep into the pits of my stomach as terror filled my mind. I began to panic as I looked around. What do I say? How do I explain anything?I heard their heavy footsteps patter on the hollow wooden floor, initially away from the bedroom door I was currently behind. It settled my nerves for a moment and gave me enough time to look around for a spot to hide. Bed? Under the table? Out the presumably locked window? My gaze suddenly locked onto the closet, and I tiptoed my way over as I heard a muffled voice through the walls. I couldnt make out what he was saying, but he obviously figured out that his fireplace was in use recently.Inside of the closet, I gently closed the door as I heard his footsteps approach the bedroom door. Just as I clicked the closet door clicked shut, the bedroom door flew open.Whoever was inside the house was definitely a big person. I heard his footsteps echo throughout the room in a slow pace. The closet door was solid, so I couldnt see anythingexcept for the crack at the bottom of the door. I slowly got onto my knees and bent over to peer through the crack. It was hard to see anything, but I could see his feet and his shadow.He was at the side of the bed, obviously looking at how it was a mess, to say the least.He stood there for a few moments before grunting out in an angry, but silent tone, ȡthat cheating bitch!Immediately afterwards, he stormed out of the room. He slammed the bedroom door shut. I had hoped he was going to leave, but instead, I heard another door slam within the house. Presumably the door that led to what I figured wouldve been a kitchen. I could hear him stomping around, and occasionally a loud bang could be heard.I could only assume he was looking for something. Which would be a perfect time for me to leaveI gently cracked the door open and peered into the room. Empty.I quietly made my way over to the window and tried to open it, but unfortunately, there wasnt even a lock ? the window was built into the house.I clenched my teeth in frustration and looked at the doorway to the living room. I could still hear the man moving about in the kitchen, so if I was going to leave, it had to be now!I quietly made my way open to the door and gently pushed it open. I locked my eyes onto the kitchen door, which was just to the left of the exit.My heart was beating so loud at this point, I was sure the man could somehow hear it through the walls.I quietly made my way over to the door, careful to steer clear of any obstacles in my path.I made it to the exit, yet the door to the kitchen was in arms-length. My heart was beating uncontrollably as I could still hear his footsteps loudly pattering ? it was getting difficult to tell where he was at in the other room.I kept my eyes locked onto the kitchen door as I quietly opened the wooden door, and with my eyes still locked, I stepped outside only for my leg to be blocked by the crashing of the screen door that I had forgotten about.It felt like my heart stopped beating for a moment as I stood there, paralyzed with fear. The man definitely heard it as the entire house fell in a dead silence.It was like time froze for just a second, and before I knew it, I could hear his footsteps rapidly approaching. My heart jumped, and my hand jumped straight to the doorknob.I jiggled it open and flung myself forward, almost falling over to the point I had to push off the ground with my hand to stop from faceplanting. The screen door whipped open so hard that it knocked a chunk of logwood out as it crashed back against the house before the doors springs loudly began to crinkle it shut.As I jumped down the porchs stairs with a thud on the leaves, I quickly broke off into another sprint. I made it about maybe thirty feet or so before I heard the screen door behind me slam open. A few moments afterwards, I heard a thundering BOOM echo throughout the forest. I heard a loud click as something whizzed past me with such force that it caused me to stumble onto my knees. I heard a nearby tree take the blow of a bullet as I saw chunks of wood spatter to the ground.If my heart could drop further, it would. I looked back to the porch and saw the man built like a lumberjack pointing a rifle at me.Just before the man racked another round and took fire, I ducked behind a tree.Another deafening BOOM from the man erupted, quickly followed by dirt blowing into my face as a bullet left a crater in the ground to the left of me. Leaves flew up a few feet into the air before floating back down.What the f-.. I silently jittered to myself. I couldnt even talk due to the fear clogging my voice. Suddenly, I heard leaves rustling from the house, and they were getting closer.The flight in me took over as adrenaline began to pump throughout every vein in my body. I quickly pushed myself off the ground and took off in a sprint.Hey!- the man suddenly shouted before another deafening BOOM. I heard a click, but I didnt see where the bullet landed.I kept running deeper into the woods, occasionally looking over my shoulder and ducking behind trees. I was definitely losing the man as the trees and foliage had begun to grow denser between me and him, but not before I heard one final BOOM echo out behind me and a deafening click ringing in my ears.Almost immediately, I felt this horrible pain eating at my left arm. I yelped in nauseating pain, unsure if the man heard me, before falling down into some sort of trench.I landed safely as the ungodly number of leaves broke my fall, except for my arm. The force of the fall put my arm in so much pain that it was difficult to move as each movement sent more streaks of pain piercing up my arm and shoulder. I held my arm as I watched the blood bleed onto my clothing, slowly drenching them. I continued my gaze the thick red entrenched a splotch in my hoodie and long sleeve before flowing out onto the leaves beneath me. I took a look at my arm ? fortunately, it seemed like it was just a graze despite how much blood there was.Unfortunately; however, I could hear the rustles of the leaves echo amongst the trees. He was still coming, and quickly getting closer.Panic set in and my heart seemingly dosed myself with another bout of adrenaline as the pain in my arm seemed to subside just a bit.Fight or flight? The question echoed in my mind as the rustling got closer and closer.Suddenly, I realized what I was lying down on. A trench full of leaves. I guess hiding is always an option.I quickly and quietly buried myself ? for if I could hear the man walking through the leaves, he could hear me hiding in the leaves. Silence was of the essence, I thought to myself as I swam deeper into the trench of leaves.Buried alive underneath a pile of leaves, I could just barely make out what was going on above me. All I could see was mainly leaves, but through the crannies of them all, was a bright blue sky.Suddenly, a shadow cascaded beneath the sky. The lumberjack stood directly over me, and I was sure that the pounding of my heart was going to give my location away. I held my breath, thinking that he might even hear me breathing.I couldnt make out his face due to the number of leaves, but I could definitely tell that this man was jacked and spent all day every day hauling things twice his weight.Suddenly, the man erupted in a fit of rage, I saw your face, baby-doll! And I will find you!And apparently, hes fucking insane!Chills went down my spine as his voice echoed throughout the woods. I felt goosebumps arise allover my skin. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. One part of my brain was relieved that I wasnt discovered, but the other part was full of absolute terror.Eventually, the man disappeared. I waited for a while, listening to his footsteps recede amongst the leaves. I finally, after what felt like forever, let my breath out and took in a heavy gasp of fresh air.Once he was gone, I waited even longer in the trench. And kept waiting. Waiting. As I waited, the only thing coursing through my mind was absolute terror. Questions about what could happen if I left shrouded my mind. The only spot I knew was safe ? for certain ? was my new grave.I wasnt sure what time it was before my paralyzing fear began to erode. I cautiously dug myself out of my grave of leaves and looked around. I didnt see a cabin, and I didnt see any insane lumberjacks. All I could see were trees, leaves, and a bunch of shrubs and bushes.I did know one thing for certain, though: I need to get the hell out of here! Afterwards, I need to find that bitch who stole my manhood. I figured if I can find Her, She could restore me back to normal. That crazy lumberjack has no idea what I really look like, so if I can catch up to that filthy succubus ? or whatever She called herself - and get her to fix meI pulled myself out of the trench and looked at my phone.Whatno way, I murmured aloud as I noticed that it was already 4:43 PM.No wonder its so freaking cold out here already. I needed to get out of here quick, because I knew that the sun was going to set soon. I couldnt believe it was almost five already.I looked around and didnt really see a direction to go other than where Ive already been. Everything just looked like woods and trees. Once again, I looked at my phone to check out the maps. Unfortunately, it said that the accuracy was really low, but at least I knew the general area of where I was at. I just need to go northeast to find a road. Then I need to follow it to the left to get back to town. I wasnt sure how far Id need to walk, but I opened a compass app on my phone and started walking.A sliver of fear was still striking a chord within my heart as I found myself constantly looking over my shoulder at the sound of everything. Types of nuts and sticks occasionally falling out of a tree would cause a rustle in the leaves somewhere nearby which me jolting my head to the direction. Even the sound of the wildlife ? birds, insects, small game like rabbits - had the hairs on the back of my neck standing.If one thing being alone causes, its definitely paranoia.The pain from the graze was horrible, but strangely enough, it wasnt the worst physical pain Ive ever felt. I held my hand over the graze and used the surrounding parts of my hoodie to help stop the bleeding.What felt like an hour of walking eventually led me to a road. Well, it was more like a dirt path. Beyond the road was a huge, green field encased in barbed fencing. I looked left and right ? I figured there werent going to be any vehicles along this road. I sighed and started walking left on the side of the road. I looked down and held my stomach as it growled. I watched as my hair flowed in-front of my face, down to just above my breasts. I still couldnt get used to having such long hair, or breasts. The hoodie made me look kind of flat, but I could still feel my breasts moving about on their own. A sliver of me was consistently turned on by them as I could always kind of feel them moving around on their own, but between the bleeding, hunger, and pain, a majority of me disregarded it.After a few dozen minutes of walking, I heard the echoing of an engine behind me. I turned around as I watched a red truck driving towards me, kicking up a puff of dust as it went along.I smiled in relief and stuck my thumb out, hoping to catch a ride back to town. However, my smile quickly faded as an awful thought crossed my mind.The truck suddenly sped up and I dropped my thumb to my side. I stumbled backwards a bit, nearly falling over before realizing that its the fucking lumberjack!I looked around for a place to run, and I was only left with three options. Back into the forest, but its getting cold and dark. Run down the road, but Ill definitely get caught. Or jump the barbed fence and get hurt. Nothing seemed good, and I was quickly running short on time to decide.Paralyzed by fear, I chose the worst possible option. Option four: do nothing.As the truck rolled up, I stumbled backwards and fell down on my ass. I stared at the truck as my face twisted in horror. I heard the brakes squeak the truck to a halt, which was quickly followed by the drivers door opening.As the door opened, the lumberjack revealed himself, unarmed, and stepped out of the truck. He towered over me, standing at least at 65. I, on the other hand, used to be 57. Im not sure how much shorter I got when She did whatever to me, but it was definitely a quite a few inches.Looking at his face, he had definitely seen things. He had a short, but cleanly-shaven black beard. His hair was also pretty short ? a pretty typical hairstyle for a lumberjack. His face was finely chiseled in almost a rectangular fashion. A few noticeable features were the scars on his neck and face. He had a small scar just below the left side of his lip, and another in his neck ? but it was huge. The final scar remained on his right temple, and it seemed to disappear just before his hairline begun. His eyes; however, were probably the most fearful thing about him. There wasnt anything wrong with them physically ? but I could see something I didnt like deep within them. I strained to look to learn exactly what, but-Who the fuck are you? the lumberjacks voice bellowed amongst the field and echoed through the trees.The lumberjack approached me, and as the fear filled every fiber of my being, the only thing I was able to muster were a few feet of crawling backwards to no avail.The lumberjack continued to approach until he stood over me, you think you can fuck MY wife in MY cabin? I dont care who you are, I told you Id find you!The only thing I could do was watch ? I wasnt going to be able to get away this time. He stood over me as the sun began to set behind him. It felt like it was getting colder, but I didnt have time to think about it as he reached down and grabbed my left ankle.H-hey! I dont know your fucking wi- I tried to scream before being smacked across the face. The impact forced my head over and left a stinging burn on the surface as uncontrollable tears welled in my eyes.I began to kick at his hand with my free foot, and fortunately he let go for a moment.Agh- you bitch- he could barely finish his sentence before he toppled on top of me, pinning my arms and legs down into the grass.He sat on top of me, pinning both of my wrists into the grass above my head with one hand. For just a moment, my mind reverted to last night when my arms were tied above my head by Lisha.Fuck! I screamed and began to writhe in pain as the graze in my arm began to bleed again.His face twisted with a horrible smile, and with a low groveling voice, not a bad ideaġAs he kept my hands pinned down, he began to unbutton his pants with his free hand.Horror and disgust filled my mind, and I couldnt believe that this was happening. My eyes widened in fear before managing to cry out, Get off of me!Before I could say anything else, his dick flopped out in front of my very eyes. Close enough that I could smell it. It wasnt the worst smell, but it wasnt too great, either. The size of it was way bigger than anything I had ever seen. Way bigger than what I used to have. From my groin, the entire length of it would easily pass my belly button! The width was more terrifying than the length; however, as it was nearly the size of my wrist.This will shut you up, he spoke with an evil grin.I tried to scream, but before I could, the only thing that my mouth was good for in the moment was taking in the lumberjacks dick.I thought about biting down, but I knew for sure that the lumberjack would kill me. He was far too big for me to get away, and I couldnt get my hands out of his grasp no matter how hard I struggled.His member filled my entire mouth up, and as he thrusted forward; I could feel his cock fill my entire throat up. Strangely enough, I never gagged like I would have before all of this.As the lumberjack took advantage of my throat, I wished I hadnt ignored my best friends invite to his house instead of going to the park yesterday. I was mortified at the situation I found myself in. Yesterday, I was a guy, and now Imsomehow a girl today being taken advantage of.As he thrusted in and out, I could feel my throat tightly wrapping around him. With each thrust out, I struggled for a breath of air and each thrust in had me choking on it. I could feel my throat bulge as my eyes uncontrollably welled up with tears. Between The Lumberjacks deep moans was the occasional, fuck, just like that, and youre taking it like a whore.Suddenly, he pulled his dick out of my throat. I gasped for air, but I didnt have much time as he picked me up off the ground and pushed me into the driver side doorway. He quickly approached after me, and before I could even try to hit him, he grabbed my arms and tied them back using the seatbelt.You even stole my wifes pants? The fuck is wrong with you? The Lumberjack bellowed.I breathily recoiled with jittery sarcasm, T-the fuck is wrong with me?The Lumberjack simply smiled at me, this is gonna be fun.I gulped and gasped as he forced my pants down. Immediately, I tried covering my exposed regions with my legs but he forcefully took them with both hands and spread my them wide.Stop! Please let me go! I screamed with all my might and struggled against the seatbelt. I felt around for anything I could use in the seat, but to no avail. All I could feel was the cool fabric of leather.Stop your bitching! The Lumberjack put one of his hands over my mouth, and with the other, I suddenly felt his thick fingers prodding at me.I moaned through his hands as I could feel my bodywanting this. The horror in my mind was slowly receding as I felt the pleasure of his warm hands gently caressing the lips of my vagina.Sthhop-ġ I tried to say through his hand, but to no avail ? it sounded like gibberish through the thickness of his clasping fingers. While my mind was disgusted by the entire situation, my body was experiencing it differently. I could feel the wetness of my pussy begin to drip down my leg, and the itching deep within me continued to build as I couldnt suppress my lust anymore.Stop? Look at how wet and tight your little pussy is I can tell how badly you want it. Why else did you just stand in the middle of the road; like a deer in the headlights? The Lumberjack chuckled before he gently pushed a meaty finger deep within me. One of his fingers felt like three of mine!With a hint of pain, the pleasure exploded from my groin, sending aftershocks of ecstasy throughout my entire body. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I loudly moaned in disgusted pleasure. His finger seemed to go in so easily how did I get here? Why does my body want this? I could feel the water-works of tears behind my eyes as they begun to well up beneath them. I felt embarrassed, disgusted, and worst of all? It felt so fucking goodHe lifted me up higher into the vehicle into the driver seat, and with a raspy voice, you seem ready to me.My hands absently searched around for something ? anything to use to get out. My hands roamed back into the console of the vehicle. I felt a lot of things, but most items I could feel were useless. It felt like there was maybe a battery? A box of something, coins I continued to feel around for something, and to my eventual surprise, I felt the handle of something sharp. A knife! I quickly took it and began to cut away at my ties as The Lumberjack caressed and squeezed one of my tits with one hand, and with the other hand, would slide his cock up and down my pussy lips and over my clit. Each time his cock brushed over my clit sent a shudder of ecstasy down my body ? if he had kept this up, I was going to cum soon.In just a moment, he began to slide his huge cock into the entrance of my pussy. My eyes widened both with disgust and ecstasy as the tip struggled to enter the vast tightness of my vagina. I bit my lip behind his hand and moaned loudly through the cracks in his fingers. I could feel my climax build up rapidly, and in the next moment before he could get the rest of the tip in, I was cumming violently. My moans turned into ecstatic screams as the orgasm pulsated out from my clit and vagina, spreading all the way up to my tits. I had a sudden desire to pinch and squeeze at my tits and nipples, but alas, I was too busy cutting away at the seatbelt. I couldnt prevent my legs from shaking as the pleasure filling me up felt too good. I gripped onto the knife tightly as my orgasm continued to rock me, and before I knew it, I had finally cut free of the seatbelt.Unfortunately, The Lumberjack found the perfect angle and pushed his dick deep inside of my vagina. He suddenly let go of my mouth and began to moan, Fuck! Youre so tight I could cum alreadyġEvery inch of his cock seemed to fill me up. Initially, it was painful, but the immaculate pleasure covered up every portion of pain. I could feel my tight vagina wrapping around his rock-hard dick. As he thrusted deeper and deeper, I suddenly felt his cock rapidly pulsating within me. The Lumberjack let out Ohs of moans as I felt my vagina rapidly being filled up with a nice, lovingly warm fluid. If it didnt feel so good, it wouldnt have taken me so long to recuperate myself:In one sudden move, I took the knife and jabbed it deep into his chest. I heard the ripping of fabric, the tearing of flesh, and the metallic piercing of bone as the knife pierced deep within his left upper quadrant. The Lumberjack let out an audible auoof, before I felt his member immediately begin to shrink inside of me. He stumbled back and his dick pulled out with an audible pop as his cum flowed out with it.He stood for a moment, slightly hunched over and clutching at his chest. He looked at me with such rage ? he was going to kill me. You fucking bitchġ he spoke, and in one quick movement, he grabbed the knife and ripped it out of his chest to point it at me.I screamed in total horror as I watched a cascade of blood begin to pour out of the open wound, and both of our eyes widened in surprised. The man immediately clutched his chest and fell to his knees. I quickly struggled to pull my pants up as I was unable to avert my eyes from what I had just caused. I stared for a brief moment before shutting the truck door. The engine was still running, and all I needed to do was put it in drive and hit the gas. I looked out of the window and saw The Lumberjack was now lying on the ground and had ripped his shirt off and kept it on the wound with one hand, and in the other, he was weakly rummaging around in his pocket for something.I could only assume it was a handgun, and out of fear, I threw the truck in drive and floored it. I could hear the tires spin out behind me before gaining traction, kicking up dust and coating the entire area in it, including The Lumberjack.As I drove away, I looked in the rear-view mirror. He was too far away to tell what he was doing, but he never shot at me with what I assumed to be a handgun. I looked forward and flicked on the headlights as the sun had finally set and night-time was fast approaching.As I continued to drive, I couldnt keep anything steady. Everything felt so shaky, and my arm was still in pain from the graze. The bleeding had only slowed, but it was still flowing. Drops landed on the floorboard which eventually turned into a small puddle. The only thing keeping my hands steady was gripping the steering wheel with such a might that it left my palms sweating. After a few more minutes of driving, I began to feel the fiery sensation coming back. I quietly moaned as I left one arm on the steering wheel and used the other to hold my breasts tightly to my chest. The fiery sensation was most prominent inside of my breasts, around my ass, and in some places alongside my hip, inner thighs, and groin.I tried my best to ignore the sensation by looking at myself in the rear-view mirror. I was caked in dirt, and my clothes contained a decent amount of blood and more dirt. I couldnt tell if it was my blood or The Lumberjacks, but either way, I knew that this hoodie had to be burnt at some point.I eventually approached a main road and took another left. I continued to drive back to my house with very few questions on my mind:How am I going to get back to normal?Andwhy did that feel so good?

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