The world just seemed to freeze.I couldnt believe it, I felt as if she had betrayed me completely, even though we had only known each other for a day and a bit, it felt like a dagger in the heart, why was she so flirty today, she must have known what she was doing, but she still did it even though she had a boyfriend. Not wanting to think about this for a moment longer I closed down the page and the world began to spin again.RALPH ARE YOU LISTENING? Yelled the teacher from the front of the class as they do.Yeah I called out lamely not having a clue what had been said for the last 5 minutes. Dan just gave me the look that says BULLLSHIT thankfully the teacher didnt bother to question me. I just signed to myself and listened to the teacher blabber on about taxation...or something.Class ended, though I didnt give any thought to anything, I could only think about what I was going to do about Emily, I mean I was going to have to do something, I was going to get food with them soon and I knew I couldnt just pretend I didnt know so I thought I would just act cool.You Okay Ralph you seem distracted? Dan said from behind me.Yeah sorta mate I said half heartily.Nah I can tell somethings up is it to do with one of the girls in the class? Dan asked.Something like that mate I muttered and kept walking towards the front door.Its something to do with that Emily girl isnt it? called Dan after me, he hadnt moved.How do you k2021-12-12 () 02:39:24 I asked generally interested.Dude you spent about 20 minutes just staring at her page, you might as well as had a big red badge saying Obsessed ! said Dan.Had I really spent 20 minutes just staring at her facebook page, it felt like minutes. But still Dan had figured out most of it, I thought I might as well be honest.Its a little more complicated than just liking a girl who has a boyfriend. I told him with a heavy sigh.Cmon you can tell me as we walk to town....Cmon." He beckoned to me to follow.So I spent the next 10 minutes explaining to him what had happened from the bus stop yesterday to the facebooking moments ago.Yea thats some bullshit, maybe she is just really open, it could be a bet the whole 'seduction bet' happens he said as I raised an eyebrow at him questionably.Hey all Im saying is that maybe your blowing it all out of proportion, guys do it all the time He continued, he had a point, it wasnt like we had been in love for months, lets be honest I met her yesterday and was hooked like a fish on the line, and boy was I moaning about it.okay, yea you probably right. I started. she probably just wants to be...SMASH!The last thing I remember was Dan shouting in panic, and then the world just faded to blackness.Ralph, RALPH mate, cmon Ralph can you hear me!?ɡOH MY GOD, HIS HE OKAY, IM SORRY I DIDNT SEE HIMɡDOES HE LOOK OKAY TO YOU?ɡDONT YELL AT ME!<img width="467" src="">BLACKNESSThe next thing I remember was being pushed around a hospital with a crowd of people around me, and a lot of shouting. What had happened?I tried to speak but I could only make a groan escape my lips, but it seemed that all it took.Ralph mate, its okay man, yo had abit of a knock your gunna be fine okay...Ralph, look at me. GUNNA. BE. FINE.Was that Dan? What did he mean abit of a knock, and why the FUCK did my head hurt so much. I began to lose consciousness again, but I was starting to wish that it would hurry the fuck up, my head started to become more and more painful by the second and all this shouting was not helping. And soon enough I was out like a light.Meanwhile as Dan had to wait in the waiting room he decided to help his friend out, at least abit, He took Ralphs phone from his pocket and quickly typed up a text, considered it, deleted it and re-wrote it, and sent it.Ralph has had a nasty accident and is in hospital, you may want to come down as soon as you can. He then switched the phone off and placed it in his pocket and took a seat, trying to keep his mind off what he had caused.Louise was in the middle of a lecture, struggling to take down notes. She was normally fine with academic things, but she wasnt able to concentrate properly, ever since she had first really met Ralph, he seemed to be different from all the other guys out there, he didnt seem to be a jerk, and he was really cute. She wondered if that it was okay to be having these kinds of thoughts about a guy in the year below. But soon realized she didnt really care. She really hoped that she could make a good impression at this lunch that Emily had mentioned earlier. She had to admit that Emily was starting to become quite annoying, acting like a horny school girl, which honestly is exactly what she was, but she had a boyfriend. It made little sense to Louise. But the main problem was that Emily was making it hard for her to get close to Ralph, maybe she should talk to Emily about these feelings she was having, or would that just make things worse?She was then distracted as her academic side kicked in and told her to concentrate. About another 10 minutes of note taking had passed before Louise started to have doubts about her own life.Here she was,Aged 17, never had a boyfriend, a virgin and dying for a nice guy to come along. She started college thinking that she would easily cope, she was going to make a load of new friends and it would be her time to be a popular girl, the only thing is, it never happens like someone hopes, most days she sat at the front, got her work done quietly and was gone, yeah a lot of the guys had told her she was good looking but she valued their words little, they would say anything to get into someones pants. She never knew what to say to people so tended not too, which is why she felt so attracted to Ralph, as convocation seemed to flow like water with him, and for once a guy was giving her a chance to be herself. She liked that. She liked him. And that was when her phone buzzed in her bra. She quickly took it out, gaining a interested look for the guys sat beside her, and read the message.Ralph has had a nasty accident and is in hospital, you may want to come down as soon as you can.Odd, she thought if he had had an accident would he then text her to tell her. The obvious answer didnt come to her for a few more seconds, and when it did she realized that it was real and she began to worry like a mother hen would if one of her chicks had been decapitated.She stood up and told her lecturer she needed to go urgently for a dentist appointment and hurried out the door with her things balanced in her arms. She sent back a reply to Ralphs phone.okay im coming can u get some1 to meet me out the front. Ill be there in 10mins. She only stopped to give her bag to the receptionist, a family friend, asking her to look after it for awhile. Thankfully the receptionist didnt argue or question and took it and hide it under the desk. Louise turned and walked as fast as she could in heels.Dan had began to pace around the waiting room, nothing but feelings of guilt, worry and sympathy where bouncing around his head, It was his fault, had he KILLED his new friend? How was he going to explain to the girls, even worse, how the fuck was he gunna explain it to his parents? It was at this point he decided to check for any replies and saw that he had 3, one from his mother, his farther and Louise. He check the parents replies first. They were rushing to the hospital but would be about 30 minutes, he moved to Louises reply and saw it sent 10 minutes ago.okay im coming can u get some1 to meet me out the front. Ill be there in 10mins. Realizing that was now he ran to find a porter to fetch her.Louise wondered if Emily had also got the text, so just after she left the front of the college, she rang Emily, Yea hello, uhhh....can you call back do you think Emily said breathlessly down the phone.No actually, look Emily, Ralph has been in an accident and is in hospital, I'm going to go see him, are you coming? Louise said, half-hoping Emily wouldnt.OHHHH YESSSS STICK IT IN THERE!!! ILL MEET YOU THERE LOU OHHH GOD!Was all that Louise could hear before the call was ended. She couldnt help smirking to herself, she was doing SOMETHING with her boyfriend, which meant she could be the first to see Ralph. She was becoming strongly protective of the young ginger. She started to justifying things in her head Emily would only cheat on him, she wouldnt be honest to him, hes too kind for someone like that she decided and she pocketed her phone and started to head to the hospital.Dan was truly becoming panicked, Ralph had been in there for too long to be okay, something had to be badly wrong, he had tired himself out pacing around, he slumped into a chair and became to feel his eyes well up, he was truly worried for Ralph, and he didnt want to be the one responsible for his death. It was all too much and he began to break down, he quickly covered his face with his hands and became to cry uncontrollably. It was only a few seconds before one of the clerks came over to him.Hey, whats up mate? he asked politely, He knew he had to be patient so he didnt hurry the boy.I-I-I'm just so scared Dan coughed out.what of? asked that clerk, he didnt know about the situation, he had only just came in to start his shift.T-Tt-Hat he wont make it, itd be my fault too, he cant die, its not his fault please dont let him die because of m-my miisstake please Ben begged the clerk for some reason.The clerk knew what not to say, so instead he said;we will do our VERY best okay, I'm sure we will make me good as new!ɡPromise? wailed Ben, unable to regain control over his emotions.Promise said the clerk as confidently as possable, he had no clue what this boy was talking about, or the state of his friend, but 2 things were clear, 1) this lad needed reassurance and hope 2) the clerk was going to avoid this waiting room for while.Louise had been waiting outside the hospital for about a minute before a porter came to her and askedIs your name Louise?ɡyes, can you take to see Ralph? replied Louise quickly.follow me please the porter said and she turned to lead the way.So how is he, do you k2021-12-12 () 02:39:24 Louise asked.Sorry I was just asked to come and find you and take you to the right waiting room, but from the state of the lad who found me, I think it seems bad, I'm sorry she said grimly.Louise had only known Ralph for a day and a bit, but she would do anything to help him, stop anything from harming him, because he was going to be hers. No matter what.As Louise rounded the corner she saw a young lad, the same age as Ralph sat on the floor by the door, she knew this was the guy who fetched the porter. She took a seat at the other side of the room, not knowing what to say. It very quickly became awkward between them, so Louise coughed lightly and asked Have you told his parents?ɡyup, they said 30 minutes he replied lamely.Silence descended on the pair again, Louise was getting the feeling that she didnt like his guy, and she had learnt to trust her instincts. But despite this, she wanted to know whether he had told Emily. So she asked to check Ralphs phone for something, the lad tossd her the phone and she checked the sent messages, and saw that it was sent to everyone on his contact list, which only consisted of his parents, her and Emily and some guy called Dan.Who is this Dan guy then? she asked politely hoping to start a convocation to break the ice.I'm DanɡOh was all she managed.She began to wonder why his phonebook was more of a phone-post-it note, had he got a new phone, or was he like her, abit of an outsider. She decided that she would find out if Ralph pulled though. It was then that the phoned buzzed in her hand. It was a message from Emily it read :Hey sorry I'm going to be late, Louise have be false directions be there in 10 x That BITCH! Louise thought. She was trying to use Louise as a way to get out of being late because she was too busy banging her boyfriend in the college toilets. Louise couldnt believe it, Emily had just tried to stab her in the back! She was going to teach that self centred bitch a lesson, but then she realized that she could turn it to her advantage.Excuse me, what waiting room is this? she asked a passing nurse.Waiting room D miss the Nurse replied and hurried away. Louise wrote a reply and sent it to Emily. It was then back to awkward silence for a few minutes before the sound of worried parents reached her ears, she knew she was about to meet his parents.Emily had just finished cleaning up when she got the reply.LOL okay, well hurry and go 2 waiting room AShe headed out of college and towards the hospital, regretting letting her boyfriend take her panties and bra with him, she had to walk most of the way with everyone looking at her hardened nipples, which where poking though the soft fabric of her top.Though she hoped it would be a nice treat for Ralph, her next conquest.After a 10 minute walk she began to feel a little turned on having all the guys look at her with lust in their eyes. She even let the lads at the bus station have a good view as she stretched out in front of them.She loved to turn guys on, she knew they loved it too. But she knew she couldnt afford to be much later so she hurried to the front of the hospital and headed to waiting room A. She just hoped Louise didnt find out about her lie.WHERES MY SON!?? said Jane loudly, as so all the staff could hear her demand and jump to obey her commands. I WANT TO SEE MY SON THIS INSTANT! She called againSorry Maam we cant allow you to see you son just yet, just please take a seat and we will get you at soon as we can. Said a nurse calmly.Listen to the nurse Jane, Ralph need these peoples attention so just take a seat and ill go get you a cup of tea okay? said Andy, Ralph's dad. He hurried off to find some tea.OKAY.....WHO ARE YOU TWO? SAID JANE SO FIRMLY IT FORCED THE WRITER TO WRITE IN TO CAP LOCKS!I'm Dan, I'm a friend of Ralphs and I was there when it happened said Dan in a slightly scared tone.I'm... Louise started ....YOU MUST BE EMILY. Ended Jane with confidence.No I'm Louise...ɡYour who? asked jane.********************************************* **************************************************Sorry its so sort guys, I was going to make this one a lot longer, but I thought you might want something short now than something slightly longer later, dont worry ill have the next part up soon

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