The A Writers Odyssey is the first series of fantasy written by Tom Shankwell. It tells the story of the once-thriving city of Odysseus. A city of silver and gold and luxuries and luxury, it remains in a state of perpetual silence amidst the turmoil of civil unrest. Orestes is a young woman is now able to visit the site and learn about the ancient secrets that have been accumulated in the city for a modest cost. She must accept herself as a free, honest, and moral woman throughout her journey. The story is based on the life Odysseus who, although it is possible that he was raised here however, has left the realm of the living to continue his journey back to thebes. For those who appreciate classic literature this novel offers something new and exciting. As I was reading the novel, I discovered that it wasn't just the story of Odysseus alone. It also dealt with the way a woman who was forced by circumstances to quit her home and loved ones was able to find happiness, love, and happiness in her mind, body and spirit. The movie that you can watch online for free (with Spanish subtitles), can be a great companion to the classic story of Odysseus.The most attractive thing about the novel, which is available to read and viewed online for free, is that it is based on a true story. Christopher Marlowe's novel has been a huge hit. If you're familiar with the original story or not, you'll discover that this isn't at all what you'd imagine Odysseus could look like. Marlowe's version was one of a humorous, humorous and often arrogant hero, while in the original he was described as more of a prince charming, just as the majority of his characters were.If you're in search of a classic story with romance and hope for a happy ending, then you must read the Odyssey. The Odyssey is the beginning of the story, with Odysseus confronting his foe, Illiad. In the Odyssey, Odysseus escaped from the ship that was carrying him when his lover Calypso passed away, giving birth to his child, Hydriannon. Returning to his home country, he found that his homeland was in turmoil, and a significant portion of the region had been destroyed. With the majority of the country in ruin, Odysseus decided to join his old friend and ally Menelaus, who had been given the task of leading the Greeks into battle against the Trojans. Menelaus, a skilled and experienced warrior, had led his fellow Greek soldiers to victory over the Trojans. However, Odysseus was unsure that he was able to defeat the Persian army so he sought out other allies.Achilles was one of the most fascinating and powerful characters in the story. He was described as a more mature educated man who knew what was going on. In the Odyssey, Achilles pursued a much more ambitious goal: to marry the goddess of love, Diana, goddess of beauty and love and bring her back to the earth by crossing the Sea of turbulent waters with his newly-armed warrior men. This would be the start of what would become many wars fought between the Greeks and the Persians, and a story line that continues to unfold in our current US President, Barrack Obama.<iframe src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>As I read the Odyssey I was thrilled about the development of the plot. I felt a personal connection to the characters and storyline as I saw Patroclus, Odysseus' old friend. As a writer myself I would like to create characters that are appealing to me on all levels. As a frequent reader of ancient Greek literature, it's exciting to explore the intricacies of the storylines and characters, as well as learning about the history of the ancient world and how it formed itself into the intricate web we see it to be today. It was fascinating to find out about Odysseus's Trojan War and how it reinforced the idea of freedom and how each individual faced the challenges in pursuing it.Now that I have re-created the Odyssey to create my own free online fiction I am now ready to share it with the world. My first draft, is available for free online reading here. After editing and ensuring it was consistent in style and clarity I'm now putting it online for free. Giving others the chance to enjoy and gain insight from my story, as I have learned from it. This intriguing story is worth reading regardless of whether you are an avid reader of classic Greek literature.I invite you to visit the link below to read the full story line. It will entertain you for hours and help you understand and appreciate A Authors Odyssey. It will allow you to discover new ways to interpret classic literature and give you a new way of enjoying the classics. This storyline will appeal to avid readers of Aeneasian Literature and Homeric Literature. If you have never read any of Homer's work, you will enjoy this story and discover new twists to familiar characters. Enjoy A Authors Odyssey!

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