The Writers Odyssey is a film that I fell in love with immediately after I saw it. Morgan Freeman directs the film which tells the tale about a writer in her early years (Freeman) who works with Tobey Maguire (Maguire). Both are in their 20s and have never written before. They form an unlikely friendship throughout the film, learning more about one another and developing as writers. You've seen the movie.<iframe src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>It is not necessary to watch the film if you already own it. It's free and available on YouTube?. You can watch the film online for free if you haven't seen it before. It's not just the most amazing movie ever made, it's also a great way for writers to learn how to write.Maguire plays Max Hammer, a young writer. He lives in Los Angeles and works as draftsman in the company that makes commercials and images. One day he gets a visit from his old friend Milton Glaser, who wants him to travel to New York to write a commercial for them. Max agrees to go, but his mother is concerned that he will spend the entire time at home, so she gets him a home in Manhattan. Max meets Glaser who is a successful and arrogant screenwriter while visiting town. This is to the dismay of Max.Glaser quickly takes Max under his wing and helps him learn everything he needs about screenwriting including character development, character building, and character development. This is one of my favorite lessons. Watching free online films taught me a lot about my life and me. It was like having a teacher for no cost.After experiencing the struggles and trials of Max Hammer and learning from a writers encounter, I realized I needed a writer's guide book. I went to the local bookstore and browsed through their selection of books. This book was my absolute favorite among all the books I've seen on writing. I was able to locate a writers guide book that would teach me some of the fundamentals of writing that I could apply to my own work.The writers guide book stated that various stages of success are common among writers. There are many kinds of writers, they stated. There are those who struggle and then get back on track. Then there are those who are persistent and never stop until they reach their goals. According to the writer's guide are the ones who should continue to work their way up because they stand to gain by continually improving themselves. They can transform their problems into an advantage.The guide to writers also stated that regardless of how skilled or experienced you are, more characters are more effective. The presence of multiple characters will give you more chances to express your imagination. Many times, writers struggle to create these characters because they are confined to one particular experience. When you have a variety of characters in your stories, you are given the chance to showcase more creativity because your viewpoint can change and you'll be exploring new perspectives.The writers ' experience that the guide shared was awe-inspiring. They also shared their writing techniques. It was fascinating to read and gave me many ideas that I can apply to my own. It is great that there is a guide for writers for writers who are aspiring to take advantage of and hopefully be influenced by. If you are an aspiring author looking for advice and suggestions on how to write, then you must definitely go through The Writers Odyssey.

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