Louise, in the USA there is always a choice - no legal or social requirement here, and I am going to assume that is Steve's POV. In fact I can definitely see where men in the US could have a very difficult time taking a woman in hand because of all the laws reguarding the treatment of women both at home and in the workplace.

And name calling (i.e. twerp), please lets not do that here. A lot of times people have difficulty thoroughly explaining themselves, even when they have the opportunity to go back and edit what they wrote. I know I do.

I think Steve has a valid point but it is much more complex than can be put in a post or even an article. The genetics and neural wiring of male and female are wired so differently with roots in the developments of ancient mans survival techniques. Both were different, but had equal value to the survival of man. This has to be taken into account first, before moving to how societies evolved, and especially where we are at today.

Don't get me wrong, I definitely believe in equal opportunity for everyone, (I am the ex-female athlete who competed in male dominated arenas). But that doesn't mean that deep down (even subconsciously) that the strongest female in the world, still does not harbor a need for that equally strong man to protect and dominate here. That is what I am coming to terms with in my own life.

Submitted by Jayda on Mon, 23/08/2004 - 05:17. Login or register to post comments Equality Yes, Steve may well have been talking about the USA, but unfortunately I don't live in the USA, and nor does most of the population of the world, and in a very large part of the world, women ARE required legally and socially to be submissive. For instance, I recently read anewspaper article about women in Afghanistan who have been sent to prison for leaving abusive husbands. The woman governor of the prison had no sympathy for these women, she explained that the reason they had left their husbands was that they were illiterate and ignorant, if they were educated and literate like her, they would know that their husbands had a perfect right to beat them if they felt like it,and they'd accept it. Nor an I entirely persuaded that women always have a choice in the USA either, what about all those fourteen-year-old Mormon girls i've read about who get taken out of school to marry disgusting old men? They don't appear to have been given much choice as far as I can make out. As for name-calling, might I point out that he started it by telling me my opinions were crap?

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