Recently, prominent sports betting portal operator Betfair made waves by purchasing a majority share from betting giant BT Sports Direct for around six million pounds. Betfair's move into the realm of high profile sports betting was seen as an important milestone in its efforts to expand into new markets such as the UK. The purchase marks a major turning point in Betfair's strategy of building on its reputation as the top sports book in the world. According to reports, Betfair is planning to take the UK sports betting market by storm, taking full advantage of the huge potential that online gaming and betting opportunities in the UK have to offer.The Betfair brand is based on a strong reputation for providing excellent customer service and technological innovation. Earlier this year, the brand made an important breakthrough by signing up prominent UK sports personalities Kelly Smith and endorsements from LaLiga? side Real Madrid. Betfair's impressive performance has seen it take the top spot in the Betfair website search engine, ahead of other leading gambling brands including Ladbrokes, Coral Sports and William Hill. Its recent sponsorship of the Betfair WAGH club, which includes former world cup referee Wayne referee Guy Wharratt, also serves as an indication of the company's ambition to become a prominent betting brand. Wharratt will continue to officiate matches for the foreseeable future, making Betfair's role in the wider world of rugby particularly significant.In Malaysia, bettors can enjoy live online betting odds that are affected by changing foreign exchange rates. Betfair is one of the few online betting platforms that offers bettors the opportunity to trade in real-time, making it highly accessible to the majority of the Malaysian population who are currently relying on web portals for convenience and privacy. In addition to its top-notch payout structure, Betfair also boasts one of the most competitive payouts with a guaranteed minimum wage for online gamblers. This comes as a welcome change for Malaysia, which until recently lagged behind other countries when it came to payment processing and online gambling. Now, betting on the Betfair site is fast becoming a popular pastime amongst residents and visitors to the country's casinos and hotels.The eTrade company in conjunction with Progressplay, a leading digital marketing consultancy company, has seen rapid progress in the growth of its eCommerce presence. eCommerce is a rapidly growing segment of the online gambling industry and it is evident that the eCommerce websites of these two companies have been instrumental in driving growth for their respective businesses. eCommerce is defined as the process of selling products or services directly over the internet. The concept is not new to the world of gambling, where online casinos, sportsbook sites and online poker companies have been active participants in the evolution of this innovative service.<img width="480" src="">In Europe, betting has become increasingly popular. There are many European casinos that boast of having the largest share of players from the UK, where betting on sports and games is commonplace. With the growth in popularity of betting across the EU, many companies are looking at ways in which they can create sponsorship deals that will strengthen their brands and provide them with a significant amount of long term value. eCommerce is an ideal way in which companies can leverage their brand names and generate long term value for sponsorship deals. As betting becomes more mainstream and eCommerce platforms become more common across the EU, companies who are already active in the betting industry will find strong sponsorship opportunities that can secure long term sponsorship deals.The sponsorship opportunities offered by are supported by an annual sponsorship campaign that raises funds for our various charities. This sponsorship program is in place to support our work both locally and regionally and we are excited to support our partners in the Betfair and the Ecommerce space as well as providing opportunities for sponsorship at each game. Each time your team wins a game they earn money that helps to support our charity. It is important that our supporters understand how their donations are used and by doing so will allow us to better explain our sponsorship opportunities. We are in the early stages of implementing this sponsorship programme and while it will not make us appear as a 'big brother' it will help to explain our commitment to these charities and why we are supporting the game as well as our partners in this exciting and growing sport.

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