Our culture feeds this, it wants people feeling like there is always something better around the corner, that something new will make you happy: whether its a book, a movie, a car, food, a new significant other.

Il Capo PERMALINK November 20, 2009 12:49 pm aoefe: good stuff. Bhetti: there is also danger in believing in a soulmate in a relationship, if that relationship ends.

I’ve met several girls who had broken up with [insert bad boy stereotype] for logical reasons such as: guy treated them poorly, cheated and didn’t even try to hide it, etc. These girls believed that [bad boy] was their soulmate and were therefore unable to be happy with anyone else. They could usually not hold on to good guys, some of them alpha, because they missed the incredible emotional swings that their “soulmate” provided. The more reasonable guys got fed up pretty quickly and moved on. I must add that the girls who fell for this kind of spell were usually the ones which -relating to your post on the matter- needed tempestuous relationships.

I, for one, try to advice some of my girl friends to become more realistic as they approach the big 3.0. while single, but my efforts are usually futile.

al PERMALINK November 20, 2009 12:58 pm word population is 6,692,030,277? I seriously sat and tried to figure out how they calculated that, whether it was each word in a language or if a word had to be unique to a language to not be added to the total. (i.e. house and casa would count once or twice).

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