My Daughter's Parent Teacher Conferenceby gbang13Fiction, Anal, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Hardcore, Interracial, Male Male/Teen Female, Oral Sex, School, TeenAuthor?'s infosGender: N/AAge: N/ALocation: N/APosted Sun 15th of January 2012Font size : - +Introduction:My daughter and wife go to my daughters parent teacher conference and I go to pick them up and see something extremely unexpected.Have you ever seen something so shocking you want to talk about but you can't tell your friends? Well this is how I feel about the story I am going to share with you guys today. I am a 32 year old man who is married. My wife, Jessica, is also 32 years old. She is a white brunette with nice D cup tits and a big round ass. We have a daughter who is 13 years old and her name is Rebecca. Rebecca is a smart young girl. She makes As in her classes constantly but for some reason she is always getting in trouble at school with her teachers. My daughter is always at the movies hanging out with guys and disrespecting adults. She is quite troublesome and we constantly get phone calls from teachers. The teachers have apparently had enough and have planned a parent-teacher conference. I have no interest in going so I drop my wife and daughter off at the conference at 3:00 P.M and I go home.Here is where I make my mistake. I thought I was supposed to pick them up at 3:30 P.M when in actuality I was suppose to pick them up at 4:30 P.M. I didn't know this so instead I leave at 3:25 to pick them up. I get to the school and head to the conference room. As I am walking up to the room I see through the window my daughter and wife talking to my daughter's 7 teachers and the principal. The odd thing about the scene was that all my daughter's teachers were male and so was the principal. I walk in and then scene has changed. I am totally stunned by what I see. My daughter is giving the principal a blowjob. My daughter's teachers notice me and tell me to sit down. I refuse and start getting angry so the teachers grab some rope and tie me down and duck tape my mouth shut. One of the teacher tells me I'll understand soon enough.At this point I am angry and surprised and what is happening. Could it be that my daughter is a slut? My daughter is always hanging around guys and at parties with lots of guys. My daughter is a sexy brunette with a nice set of C cup tits and medium sized round ass with flawless tan skin, she was very fuckable even to me so it was very possible that she fucked her teachers for her grades. I was about to find out exactly how she made all of the As she does. My daughter notices me but continues to blow the principal . The other teachers pull out their dicks to join in the fun. The principal the proceeds to bend my daughter over table and pulls down her pants and panties exposing her young pussy. He then spreads my daughter's legs preparing to push his cock inside. As he shoves his cock inside my daughter lets off a quick moan. At the same time my daughter is sucking and jerking off two of the other teachers.My daughter is about to receive the gang bang of her life at the age of the 13!!! My wife was getting horny and she had her hands down her pants rubbing her own pussy. Three of the horny teachers begin to take notice of her. One of the teacher shoves his cock into my wife's mouth and she begins to deep throat it. The other two rip her shirt in half and start fondling her D cup tits. At the same time my daughter is switching into a new position. My daughter hops on one of her other teacher's cock and starts to ride it like a cowgirl. This makes of of her teachers extremely horny and his cock erects to 7 inches. My daughter takes notice and as he moans she says "Mr. Thomas I want you big black cock in my ass!!". He doesn't hesitate to follow her commands and he pushes his cock into my daughters nice ass and she screams with excitement. She yells out " Mr. Thomas you have the nicest cock ever, please fuck me harder." Mr Thomas then pulls my daughters and proceeds to pound my daughter's ass.With so much sexual excitement going on my wife and the other teachers can't handle it. One of the teacher puts my wife in missionary position pulls down her pants and panties. Before he puts his dick in her vagina he gives my wife a long kiss and then shoves it in there. He takes no mercy on my wife and begins to pound that pussy. My wife then moaned louder than a rock concert, The two teachers fucking my daughter pulled out at right then. My daughter then said "Cum in my mouth!!!". The both simultaneously shot their loads right in my daughter's mouth. She then swallowed it all in one gulp. The teacher fucking my wife then pulled out and came all over her tits.Despite all of this fucking it wasn't over yet. There was still 4 unsatisfied teachers left and they were gonna get their part in the action too. Two of those teachers pickup my daughter and one slowly presses his cock into her pussy as the other shoves his into her ass. As my daughter fucks both their cocks the remaining two guys make a move on my wife. They have my wife reverse cowgirl with one of the guy's cock in her ass and the other fucks her pussy. Now their is not stop moaning and fucking just like in the porno movies. Eventually the guys fucking my wife switch with the guys fucking my daughter allowing the guys to enjoy both girls. They continue on the same positions until of the guys has to come. They then lay my daughter on a table and one of the guy cums all over her face. The other guy rams his cock back in her pussy and fucks until he shoots his load right up into her pussy. One of the guys fucking my wife pulls out and goes over to my daughter and shoves his cock into my daughter's cum filled vagina and fucks away. The other guy fucking my wife pulls out and comes on my wife's face. Eventually the guy fucking my daughter fills my daughter's pussy even more with cum , but it wasn't over yet. The principal was back for more and shoves his 8 inch cock into my daughter. My daughter moans and yells out "Fuck me harder!!Don't fucking stop!!" as he relentlessly fucks her. It wasn't long before the principal had came into my daughter's pussy as the other two guys before him did. My wife moved into position to allow the cum to drip out of my daughter's pussy into her mouth.<img width="300" src="">It is finally over or is it?? I acted as if I was okay and lied about my feelings toward the situation. I am going to get my revenge, All of the teachers and the principal will end up paying in the end.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~And that's my story. Please comment and rate if you liked the story. I would really like to hear your guys feedback. I would also like to remind you guys that this story isn't true.I might make a part 2 plotted out on revenge( I have some ideas in mind.) If you have any ideas for a revenge plot and want to share feel free to post it.

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