Right in the middle of one of the most important meeting of my life, one that had literally hundreds of thousand dollars written all over it, my god damn phone started vibrating on my hip. I ignored it and continued on listening to what the hopefully new client wanted for the rather large amount of money they were talking about offering me and my company.I am a free lance photographer and an artist who has managed to combine my two talents into a one of a kind, new media that represents the artist in me in the form of photographic imaging. I do landscapes mostly, although I have been known to stray into other subjects on occasion, but my landscape work is what brought these people to the table to discuss the possibility of this very large set of works that they want commissioned and now this damn phone will not shut up with its constant vibrating. I looked down at my phone and I saw the numbers 911.I looked at Neal and politely interrupted his explanation of the magnitude of the project so I could ask him if it would be alright to see about this consistent nagging call that was driving me crazy. He indicated that it was fine and that he would take himself and the rest of his team out for a 15 minute break to allow me to take care of this apparent emergency.I knew the number by heart because it belonged to my kind of daughter who lived with her mother out in southern California. I say kind of daughter because she was never my daughter at all. I just raised her from the time she was born until her mother and I split up about 6 years later. That was 12 years ago but I still feel a deep love for this girl. Ive seen her through many a hard time and I was sure this was another one coming up.Hey Chloe, whats up? I asked in my best nonchalant voice when I really wanted to yell at her for her insistence interruptions.Oh Chris Im so scared, she said in a panic.Slow down and tell me whats wrong, I told her.Its Bud, Moms new boyfriend. I think he had plans for me and I dont think Ill like it very much, she started to explain.This caught my full attention and as I sat up straight in the chair with the phone held tightly against my ear, I told her to go on.Well you know Mom is down at the bar working and Bud is here with me and were all alone. Hes always had his eye on me and it gives me the creeps when he looks at me and sneers. Well, this afternoon hes been drinking a lot and I think that hes drunk. Ive gone to my room and locked the door but every so often he comes to my door and tries to turn it and then leaves. Hes done that four or five times and the last time I heard him say very softly, Come on Chloe, open the door and find out what a real man has for you.ɡDid you try and call your mother at work? I asked her.Oh yeah, that helped a lot. She told me to go ahead and open the door so she could get some sleep tonight, she said in a sarcastic voice. Oh no, I think hes back! Oh help me Chris, what should I do?She was almost hysterical at this point so I told her to settle down and listed carefully.First of all, take a chair and wedge it under the door handle. When youre finished come back to the phone, I told her. I waited on the other end as I heard her yell out Go away Bud! and then I heard the sound of a chair being stuffed under the door knob.Okay, I think that Ive really pissed him off now, she exclaimed. Oh no, hes trying to push his way in!ɡGet out of there! I yelled to her. Chloe? Do you have any money, any cash on you?ɡYes about twenty dollars is all, she said in a real panic now.Grab it and take a cab to the airport, I instructed quickly. Now listen carefully. Once youre there, go to the United ticket desk and ask for assistance. Ill have a ticket waiting for you there under your name. Be on the first flight out of there okay.ɡChris, where am I going? she asked in confusion.Well, here Silly, where else would I send you? I jokingly answered. Now call me as soon as you get your ticket, okay? Now get the hell out of there through the window and run for a cab.I met Julie, Chloes mother, when she was 9 months pregnant with her daughter in a photography class in Minnesota back many years ago. She was so much fun that I befriended her and saw her through the delivery of Chloe, being right there by her side watching the miracle of birth first hand. I brought her home to live with me because she had no other place to go and with a new baby and all, I thought that it would be okay.Well, a couple of years later, I thought that we were in love so I proposed to her and was shocked when she turned me down. But that didnt stop me from loving this beautiful woman that I wanted to be married to, so I hung on for a few more years and then one day she told me that she was moving out to California to seek her fame and fortune. I guess that I knew it was coming all along, so when she told me I wasnt surprised but it ripped my heart out when she also took her daughter with her.Thinking back on that time, I have often wondered if I had hung on to Julie just so I could be around Chloe. I was the only father that she knew and the bond between us was unbreakable it seemed. But at the tender age of 6, Chloe left with her mother, out of my life, and moved out west. I was devastated for the longest time but my art work took her place in my heart and soul as I submerged myself into it with abandonment.I never heard from Julie again, except when I was the only person who could get her out of trouble, which seemed like a lot these days. But Chloe was another story entirely. I called her on her birthdays and holiday and since the advent of personal cell phones, we call each other just to chat many times. I have seen her through starting her period to her first time making love and making sure that she was on some form of birth control. Ive talked her out of situations that would make a real father cry out of agony, to congratulating her on her first ever gallery show. I must have had some influence on her because she is an accomplished photographer in her own right at the tender age of 18.Now she is on her way up here to Minnesota to stay with me for the summer before she starts into college; I hope thats all anyway because that client I was meeting with earlier, just hired me to do a full years work of photography and the client just happened to be the State of Alaska. I was awarded the position of being the Official Photographer for the State of Alaska under contract to photograph the state in all of its unbelievable beauty. I was honored but overwhelmed with anxiety at its daunting responsibility. Im going to take photos of the entire state to be shown around the world and I was all of a sudden very nervous.Although I have been rather successful in the photographic and art circles, having many gallery shows throughout the United States and sales in the thousands, this is my first really big commission and I didnt know that I was up to the task. But I had graciously accepted the commission, so now all I had to do was perform.I drove out to the airport and waited outside the security gate for my ex-girlfriends daughter to come down the aisle, where everyone meeting someone was waiting. I kind of hung out near the back to take a look at my house guest for the summer because it had been a couple of years since I last saw a picture of her and I didnt want her to think that I couldnt recognize her. Besides I wanted to check her out a little to see just how she had turned out.I saw her coming out of the gate into view and she was in her jeans and tee shirt and that was it. I forgot about her having to go through security at the airport and I was sure that she would have some tales to tell me about that. She was as easy to look at as I remembered but my gosh she was short. I hadnt thought about it that much but she was a spitting image of her mother; long blonde hair, blue eyes, kind of short with a great petite little body. Yup, I couldnt miss her anywhere and just then she spotted me.I came out around the group of people waiting for their loved ones to receive a flying hug from this stranger that I was welcoming. She grabbed me by the neck and buried her tears into my chest.Its okay now Chloe, youre safe now. You must have been terrified in your own house but Ive got you now. No one can ever hurt you again, I told her in the most reassuring voice that I could muster. Youre alright, as I continued to smooth down the top of her head with my gentle caressing touch. Youre alright.I walked her out to my car with my arm wrapped around her shoulder, never uttering a word until she had had her cry. It was more of a tension release than anything else, I thought, because of all the trauma she had endured over the last 4 hours or so, the poor kid must be emotionally drained and hungry to I bet. So I started thinking of how to get her over this ordeal and suggested that we stop and catch a bite to eat.We stopped at a chain restaurant and ordered something to satisfy this poor girls growling stomach so I began to ask her just what happened back at her house.Oh Chris, I was so scared. I know that if he could have somehow forced his way into my room, he would have forced me to have sex with him. He would have raped me, she said staring out into space as a tear made its way down her soft shining cheek. Her eyes were as blue as the eastern sky on a clear mid- afternoon. They were an azure shade that reflected her very essence in an innocent sort of way that made me cringe to see them welling up with tears.She turned them back to me as she wiped away another tear running down her cheek. I dont know what I would have done if it hadnt been for you, Chris. Thank you, she said with a slight smile crossing her face. Reaching over the booth table and taking my hand into hers, she once again mouthed the words, Thank you.I was lost for a minute in those deep blue eyes of hers and my mind went back some 18 years ago when another beautiful young girl had entrapped me with those big blue eyes and she was even 9 months pregnant at the time. And here is the product of that pregnancy, sitting across from me, staring at me once again with her own equally enticing blue eyes, but this time I wasnt 19 years old and very vulnerable.We talked about her experience with the TSA screeners at the airport and what she went through explaining what a 18 year old girl was doing flying one-way to Minnesota with no luggage on a ticket purchased by a third party from a different city. My lord they put her through the wringer with that one. But, eventually after hearing her story and doing a background check on everyone concerned, they allowed her to step on board and get here with no further problems.After we finished and were on the way to my place, she realized that she had nothing with her, not even a tooth brush, so just before turning down my street, I pulled into a drug store and she went in and at least bought some personal necessities to get her by until tomorrow when I promised her I would take her shopping.As I was about to turn in for the night, I heard the shower turn on so I went back out in the living room to read the notes that I had taken this afternoon at the meeting. When the shower turned off, I heard the noise of Chloe toweling off and brushing her teeth and then I heard her asked in a loud voice, Chris, I dont have anything to wear tonight. Could I borrow a shirt from you?The vision of her standing naked in front of my mirror all of a sudden made me want to grab myself but instead I shouted back, Sure, just a second and let me find one.I hurriedly ran into my bedroom and rifled through my drawers until I could produce a clean, white tee shirt and ran it to the door. I said, Heres a tee shirt of mine that I think will work until tomorrow.The door opened a little and a bare arm came out to gather up the shirt. The steam billowed out of the room as she grabbed it and said, Thanks a lot Chris, Ill return it tomorrow, and closed the door once again.I felt suddenly unsteady on my feet as my brain went to that picture of her pulling my tee shirt down over her precious little body, and that short hemline barely covering her treasure. I shook my head as I slowly walked back to the living room but before I got there, I heard the door open and out stepped Chloe. I turned to look at her and my eyes werent disappointed.Coming out with a cloud of steam was the very vision that dreams are made of. Chloe walked briskly towards the guest room pulling down on the front of my tee shirt that barely covered what she had hoped that it would. She saw me standing there in the hallway and told me goodnight over her shoulder as she entered the room and quickly shut the door behind her. I caught myself thinking once again about some very dirty things so I went back to the living room, turned out the lights and went to my bedroom to gather my things and take my turn in the bathroom. I hadnt thought about sharing a single bathroom with my guest until now but I guessed that Now was too late.As I brushed my teeth and removed my clothes to step into the shower, my mind kept going back to the vision of her stepping out of the bathroom wearing just my tee shirt. It had left quite an indelible imprint on my photographic minds eye. As I relived that brief instant over and over in my mind, I would pick up on different things that I had seen.First there was the vision of her pulling down on the shirt to cover her pubic area but when she stretched the fabric thin to cover herself down there, she also stretched out that part that covered her breasts thus showing her little nipples standing out under the tightly held fabric. Her breasts were very nice and round, seemingly firm and perky when they swayed under the shirt and her nipples were small and taunt. But the second was when she turned into her bedroom, the shirt that was pulled down in the front, rose up in the rear leaving one to see her bare little butt giggling away uncovered. Stepping under the showers spray, I noticed that my cock was getting hard and I felt foolish but, somehow turned on a little, seeing my house guest in such a light.The next morning found me hard at work in front of the computer, doing my due diligence and planning my trip up into Alaska. I had decided to take a preliminary trip up to Anchorage to get a feel for the land that I would be photographing and to meet Neal at his office. That way, I could plan out my main working trip for the next early spring and all summer. I wanted to catch the winter before it melted into spring and see and photograph the beautiful, if not brief, summer season. The more that I researched my trip, the more excited I became.Finally, Chloe came out of her room and proceeded into the bathroom to do her duties and when she emerged, she had changed back into her one set of clothes. I knew that after breakfast, I had to take her shopping for the necessities for the summer and if I was going to go up to Anchorage, she would need some warmer clothes for the trip because she was going up there with me I guess. Maybe I could put her to work to earn some of the money I was spending.Money wasnt really a concern to me anymore since both of my parents were killed in a car crash 6 years ago. It was devastating to me, being the only child of professionals I had learned to depend on for so many things, but just the fact that I could no longer call them to share my sorrows and my accomplishments with, really made my loss even more tragic for me. The only bright spot was that the trucking companys settlement, my parents life insurances plus their accumulated assets set me up to more or less live my life independently. I had been working as a photographer before the accident but with the infusion of the capitol to start my own company, including the purchase of my very expensive equipment, I had greatly increased my market and appeal so that I could reach out and attract new commissions such as this latest one from Alaska.We arrived at the mall in the next town over from where I lived, since our town didnt have any really nice stores for womens clothes, well other than Wal-Mart if you want to include that, and as we walked towards the entrance, Chloe asked me if they had a Victorias Secret store in this mall.I told her, I dont have the foggiest idea what they have here. Why?She looked rather embarrassed but told me in a whispering voice, ȡCause Im not wearing any underwear and I dont want to try on clothes like this.You could have knocked me over with a feather hearing her explanation but I kept my cool and continued walking towards the entrance where we found a directory. There in C-14 was the store and we headed for that one first. I handed her a $100.00 dollar bill and asked if that will cover the expenses there and she smiled and said that it should. I sat outside on a bench as she cheerfully when inside grasping the bill in her hot little hand.About a half hour later she came back out carrying a large shopping bag with Victorias Secret plastered all over it and approached me, smiled, put her arm around mine and walked beside me to the next store. I was almost embarrassed advertising for that particular store with this girl clinging to my arm as she was, but at the same time, it felt pretty good.I had decided that I would take her to Macys since it was one of the nicer stores in the mall. I told her that I was going to find a seat and that she could buy anything that she needed, not wanted, and I would be there waiting to approve of everything on her list. She smiled gratefully as she went off with a sales gal of an age that was very similar to Chloes and I wondered if bringing her here was such a good idea.As the two of them walked towards the womens section, I could see the sales clerk ask Chloe about the bag that she was carrying. Chloe whispered something to her and opened the bag to show her the contents and the clerk indicated that she could take it in the changing stall with her. She shopped for about an hour or so and she had more or less picked out the clothes that were essential to anyones wardrobe; two pair of jeans, three pair of shorts, several tops, a sweater and a jacket. She would still have to shop for shoes and socks, but for summer anyway, she had her basics. One thing that I noticed that she didnt have was a nice looking summer dress that was a little more formal in case I had to include her in a business dinner that I sometimes had to attend. So I suggested that she try on some to see what she could find. She grinned to high heaven and disappeared along with her partner in crime to continue to shop.She tried on several for me but there wasnt anything that caught my eye. I dont know why I was being so picky but everything she showed me looked almost frumpy or something. Then she made her appearance in this one that said to me, the moment that I saw it on her, This is the one that will make your heart stop.It was a clingy sort of thing that came down to just above her knees. It had a full cut skirt that clung to her shapely legs and the top was cut in a most provocative way. It was a simple square cut that came just over her nicely developed bust line but it had thin spaghetti straps that caressed her slim shoulders. It fit loosely around to bosom so that in effect it prohibited her use of a bra. It was made from a light blue and white floral fabric that accentuated her blonde hair and contrasted her beautiful blue eyes. Worn with a nice white jacket and pearls, she would be a knock out and I had to buy it for her.I laid down my American Express card for a tune of over a thousand bucks and helped her carry the many bags of clothes back out to the car. Putting them in the back seat, we got into the front and Chloe leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.Thank you Chris, she said, smiling gently up in my face.Youre perfectly welcome, I told her back but I was still trying to get the picture of her in that dress out of my mind. I knew that it would be hard but I had to get control over my feelings or this summer was going to be real hard on me. I took her suggestion and stopped at the local Wal-Mart so she could pick up her night clothes and other personal necessities so when we returned back to my place, we had a literal parade of trips back and forth to the car just to carry all of the packages of clothes into the house. By the time we sat down to rest, the sun was just starting to set and I was pooped.After dinner Chloe went to her room to de-tag and to put her purchases on hangers or in drawers and I can assume to try each one on again to see if they still fit and went with the other items she had purchased today. She was in there most of the evening as I was reading up on our upcoming trip. I hadnt told her about it yet because I hadnt taken the time from getting her set up here in my house but that was about to change this evening.Chloe? I said in a very loud voice to get her attention.The door to her bedroom opened and she stuck out her head and answered, What.ɡAs soon as you are free, can you come on out and see me a second? I asked.Okay, she said. Im just putting the last of my new clothes away and then I was going to take a shower. Is it anything urgent that you need or can I wait until after my shower?ɡIt can wait, I answered, suddenly wanting to see her in her night clothes. Come on, I thought. Whats wrong with you Chris, Shes young enough to be your daughter. But as I waited for her to make it out of the bathroom, my heart started to beat a little more rapidly and my breathing became more labored. I had to get control over myself, I had to settle down.My long, agonizing wait was finally rewarded when the door to the bathroom opened and out stepped Chloe. She walked towards my position wearing her new, thin, plain white night gown with tiny eyelets embroider all over the fabric. It was held up by 1 inch straps and went down to her thighs. The gown was so very thin that you could make out her breasts giggling from her stride and just a hint of darkness where her legs came together. I stopped breathing as my eyes were glued onto this sight.She must have seen my reactive stare because she grabbed the skirt part of the gown and pulled it taught from the rear around her legs and said with a sheepish grin on her face, It wasnt this thin back at Wal-Mart, and turned an instant color of red.I caught her eye and gave her a wink and then patted the couch next to me and said, Come here and sit down for a second. Theres something a want to tell you.She hurriedly plopped herself down on the other end of the couch and quickly drew her legs up under her, taking her night gown in her hands and bunching it up in her crotch. I watched as her perfectly shaped breasts bounced and settled down under the gown and once again, she smiled seeing where I was looking.Im going to be making a trip in a week or so and now that you are living with me, I thought that maybe youd like to accompany me and maybe see if you can be of some assistance, I told her.She looked pleased that I had asked her but wanted to know where we were going. When I told her Alaska, a broad grin came over her face and she eagerly agreed. I told her about the commission that I received and as much as I knew about the project and that this was kind of a scooting trip; check out the lay of the land, meet the people who hired me and maybe take a few shots up there. I would be in need of an assistant, preferably someone who knew cameras and the equipment it takes to do a shoot like this and I thought that she would be perfect.Her grin turned into a big smile as I explained the project to her and by the time I had finished, she was more excited than me. She jumped up and came over to give me a big hug of appreciation but when she bent forward, her night gown fell forward exposing everything she had to my eyes. I could confirm that she wasnt wearing anything under the gown because I could see all the way to her thighs and there was only skin.She didnt notice where my eyes were roaming or that she had effectively flashed her naked body to me, she was more excited about the trip and her new responsibly as my assistant. But they did roam and they did see and what I saw suddenly disturbed me and thrilled me both at the same time. I didnt know what to think or do so I did nothing but accept her grateful hug and hugged her back. When I let her go out of my arms, it sadden me a little because I wanted to take it further but I didnt, so I just let her go and watched as she ran away towards her room all excited. As she ran, her gown came up on her legs and I almost saw her little butt as it giggled its way into her room, leaving me breathless and wondering just where this was headed.The next week was filled with our preparation for our flight up to Anchorage. We had to purchase some warmer clothing since it was early spring up there and we didnt want to freeze on our first outing to the Last Frontier. But when Chloe came out carrying two large suitcases for our two week trip, I put my foot down and told her to pare it down to one suit case. She wasnt too pleased with my restrictions but came out an hour later carry but one that was bulging at its seams.We landed at Anchorage Airport the next afternoon and took our rental car over to see Neal at the Tourism Commission Office at the south end of the city. I was surprised to find a thrived metropolis up there with lots of traffic, semi-tall building and every major chain store that you would expect down in the lower 48. But meeting Neal again was a surprise and a joy because of what he told me.He gave me a warm welcome and a sly little look when I introduced him to my assistant Chloe. She never looked as radiant as she did while I made the introduction and I wondered just what was going on in his mind and in hers. Neal didnt know that I had an assistant, especially a beautiful one at that and that she was so young. I assured him that she was an accomplished photographer on her own and that I figured that I would need the help if I was going to meet the deadline that was given me. He indicated that it was none of his business who I hired and welcomed Chloe to the team.Chloe was just gushing with enthusiasm meeting Neal for the first time but she seemed and acted so young that I almost thought to myself No wonder he looked surprised. But soon she had him wrapped around her little finger as she joked and kidded him unmercifully.Neals big surprise for me was that the TCO had rented an RV for me to travel around in while I was up there and the only restriction was that I had to put on at lease 2000 miles on it before a could turn it back in. I was shocked at their hospitality and their graciousness but soon recognized it as being totally Alaskan.We dropped the rental car off and headed out in the RV for what we hoped would be a wonderful, enlightening trip around this beautiful state. Little did I know that we would see only a fraction of it in the time allotted and we would need much more time to take in all that the state had to offer. Even if we traveled every road in Alaska, paved and unpaved, we would not see but a small portion. We would need to take to the air to see the rest.But as we traveled around Cooks Inlet south and west on Highway 2, heading down to the Kenai Peninsula, we soon experienced the grandeur of the Last Frontier. We travel through high snow packed mountain ranges, glacial tarn lakes and sweeping vistas until we reached the small fishing site along the Russian River, where we pulled over for the night. It was about 10 pm but, in May, it was still light and, by the looks of the sun still high over the mountain tops, there was still plenty of light to come.<img width="336" src="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CCDlnnaXIAEc4ua.jpg">I decided that this was a good place to go for a hike and take the cameras out for a shoot. Chloe had changed into a pair of shorts and a tee shirt because it was about 70 degrees out and I wore my kakis, a long sleeved shirt plus my photo vest to carry extra supplies and equipment. I had Chloe bring along a tripod and her camera plus both of us took along our bear spray just in case.We had been warned about running into female Grizzlies this time of year with her young cubs and trained in the use of the spray as a deterrent, but we never thought we have to use it. As I was snapping my pictures down by the river in the wonderful fresh clean spring air, I suddenly heard and saw a Momma Grizzly rise up on her back legs and she made a warning growl in our direction. I froze in fear as I looked around for my assistant and told her softly and quietly to come stand behind me.The she bear gave out another warning growl from her position about 50 yards ahead of us and then dropped down on all fours and advanced towards our position. My camera was clicking wildly as she made her slight little charging faints. I whispered to Chloe to take out her spray bottle and get ready to use it if she came ahead. She obeyed my instruction without panicking in the slightest, removing the safety and aiming it over my shoulder. When the Momma charged, she let out a loud fogging hiss out of the bear spray can and I hoped that it would perform as advertised and stop a charging Grizzly.I dont know about stopping her but it certainly did slow her down. She rose back up on her haunches once again as she pawed at the odor of the spray but she soon made a second charge. We headed back out of her area as quietly as we could but Chloe remained at the ready spraying the protective mist out as we retreated back towards the RV. I told her to take out my can and use it if she ran out of hers but by then we were nearly back to the rig and as she opened the door, we both made a mad dash for it and closed the door safely behind us. We made it back safe and sound but both of us were shacking with fright.Did you see me spraying that ol Momma Grizzly? Chloe was saying all animated, demonstrated just how she had fought over the Grizzlys charge.You did it perfectly, I shouted back at her in an excited tone. You were great!ɡI was wasnt I? she reiterated, trying to come down from an adrenalin rush.I looked at her wide eyed and she at mine and then she jumped into my arms and gave me the biggest hug as she said softly, Oh Chris I was so scared! Hold me and never let me go.I held her tightly in my arms for the longest time until she moved back from me, looked deep into my eyes and then reached up on her tip toes to give me a deep kiss on the lips. https://onlyteenpussy.net/ I recoiled away from it at first but soon began to kiss her back. The kiss became harder and more serious as it went on and on but quickly turned into one of passion as I ran my hands and arms all over her back, pulling her into me. I opened my mouth as I continued to kiss the very lips that I had dreamt of kissing but withdrew after a moment and asked her this question.You know this is going to change our relationship dont you? Are you sure you want me to continue? I asked.She looked up at me with this warm, contented smile on her face and then reached down and pulled her shirt up over her head. Tossing it to the floor she said, Does that answer your question?I looked down into those deep blue eyes and was immediately got lost in there innocence and beauty. They were so welcoming in their openness as her face turned into a warm and inviting mirror to her soul. I knew, as I was caught up in looking at her, that I would be forever lost in her love and realized that from this moment forward, my life would never be the same.I gently put my arms around her and gave her another big hug but my hands went to work on her bra. With only a slight pinch of the strap, I released its bondage of her magnificent breasts and let it fall away, exposing the most beautiful sight in the world. I stood back for a second to take in this view and my breath got caught in my throat I was so enthralled.She smiled a nervous little smile and then took my hand, turned and led the way over to the double bed that I told her to use. She dropped her bra on the floor and turned back to face me. She moved her hands down to my fly and started to strip them from my frame as I removed my photo vest and unbuttoned my shirt. We finished our tasks at about the same time and as she knelt down to take off my boots I ran my hands down on her back and started to caress her bare skin. Kicking off my last sock from my foot, I then put my hands on the waistband of my boxers and started to remove them down over my hips.She was looking directly at my crotch as they made their way down past my pubic area and a slight moan escaped from her lips. She moved her hand out to touch it and it started to come to life. She was biting on her lower lip as she gently cradled my member in her soft little hand. I let out a sigh and stuck out my hips in an inviting gesture of desire. She knew what I wanted so she slowly moved her head forward and took it between her gentle lips. I groan out loud as she took it into her mouth and started to suck on it. My mind was going crazy as I felt the greatest enjoyment and pleasure that I have felt in a long, long time.My hands went down to her breasts as I stood there before her encompassing mouth at work. They were as firm as I had imagined yet surprisingly soft to the touch. They almost seemed to melt into my palms when I rubbed them but when I pinched her nipples they turned as hard as pebbles as they cried out in a nonverbal plea for more stimulation.Her mouth was taking it further and further into its confines as I was squeezing her globes with both hands. I was enjoying sliding in and out of her mouth, feeling the wet, warm sensation of her tongue running over and around it but I knew that I was starting to enjoy it too much so I reluctantly withdrew it from her willing lips and laid her back onto the covers. I knelt at her feet and started unlacing her boots and removing her socks and when I was finished, I ran each hand up her inner thigh to stop only at where they meet.A little gasp sprang from her lips when my hands made contact with the crotch of her shorts and I started to rub and press them into her soft warm junction. She spread her legs out wide to incite my probing hands to explore this area completely. I had to comply so I began to gently press the flat of my palm onto it as she raised her hips up in appreciation. After several seconds of rubbing her crotch, my fingers found her button and the fly on her shorts and made quick work of opening them up.I ran my hand down into her shorts but on the outside of her panties and felt for her opening between her legs. Pushing the fabric into her slit and I ran my finger along her channel. She started to vocalize the pleasure of having her clitoris touched by my finger as I pressed on both sides of her labia lips with my fore finger and third finger while sliding my middle one down its length. She raised her hips in appreciation as she said in a low voice, Oh Chris that feels so good.My finger slid way down between her wide spread legs and inserted itself up her vaginal opening as far as the fabric would stretch and she cried out again, Oh my God, Chris, right there. Oh yes, right there!I began to peel off her shorts leaving her panties bunched up at her crotch as she assisted me by raising her hips off of the bed. Once they were free from her feet, I raised her legs up into the air and reached for her waist band at her rear. They began to come off of the butt, leaving her perfectly shaped, puffy lips visible for my eyes to feast upon and my finger ready to explore. I pulled her panties completely off and over her bent legs while I was ramming my finger home up her vagina. She squealed with pleasure and begged me for more.I was starting to feel the excitement of exploring the luscious body of this beautiful young girl so I moved myself up her body and took one of her nipples into my mouth. She arched her back in acceptance and began moving her head from side to side as I continued to insert my finger as far as I could up into her womb. She was almost there when I positioned my member at her opening and started it on its journey up her vaginal canal. It slid in easily, being well lubricated, and stretched the walls out completely as their welcoming gesture of acceptance and when I bottom out next to her cervix, a guttural growl escaped from her lips as she melted under my weight.I withdrew my cock from her pussy slowly at first but after a few heartfelt plunges back into her depths, it became like a jackhammer pumping in and out of her as fast as I could move. I was building up to a gigantic orgasmic release and I knew that Chloe was just behind me. I felt it build down in my loins and as it neared it exit, I screamed out in a loud uncontrollable cry, OH MY GOD IM CUMMING!!She was right after me with her release as she stiffened her entire body, held her breath and echoed my cry of ecstasy. She splashed out her juices onto my crotch as I spit mine deep into her womb. Our juices commingled into a mixture of both as I continued to spit it out of my still hard cock. I must have cum a gallon into her as she sloshed it right back out of her hole until finally it started to shrink in size as the spitting subsided. I lay there quietly on top of her, my deflating cock still inside of her for now, as we both tried desperately to once again breathe normally. When we had achieved that milestone, we each fell fast asleep in a magnificent rehabilitative afterglow.

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