Sitting at work one morning all my paper work completed and filed I was surfing the I-Net and came across one of those "Meet Up" sites, After a few brief conversations with various women most from outside the area I got a message from this lady, Sue, We messaged small talk then over the course of the next few days we gained some intimate knowledge of each other, She was married but her husband seemed to have lost interest in bed time activities, We made arrangements to meet at a local coffee shop not far from her house, From her de***********ion, I was looking for a tall short haired blonde in the late forties or early 50's range, she was a self described as having very Nordic features, Soon this beautiful blonde lady walked in and I knew this had to be her, She saw me immediatly as I was still in uniform, She came by and ask if I was (name here) .... I acknowledged and ask if she was Sue, Pleasantries exchanged we ordered refreshment and had small talk about our expectations, She said that she was married to a good provider but that in the past few years their sex lives and become almost non existent and she was looking for some sexual pleasures her hubby has not been interested in doing as of late. We talked for about an hour, she said she liked what she saw and heard from me, we retired to the parking lot and she wanted me to kiss her, to her the kiss was her deciding power as to our continued action, She said I was "One hell of a kisser" and made arrangements to meet at her house the next day after her hubby left for work. That afternoon I asked my boss for a few hours of personal time for the next day.<img width="456" src="">The next morning I arrived at her house at the appointed time, Sue met me at the door dressed in her bathrobe, We exchanged cordial greetings as she led me to the spare or guest bedroom in the lower level of the house, this room came with a nice king bed and its own bath and a door leading out to the side yard. With no further conversation I grabbed her and gave her a long tongue flicking kiss as I caressed her breasts through her robe, she backed away and opened her robe to expose her body, she had no bra or panties on and I was greeted to this hot Nordic body, She was slim with one of those hour glass bodies, her tits were 36C, She quickly helped me undress and soon we were both naked she was very pleased of what she saw when my semi hard cock was exposed, she told me I was a little bigger that her hubby and she was going to enjoy this, She knelt down and proceeded to take me into her mouth and gave one great blow job, she took my full length deep into her throat, I was impressed and she said she loved sucking cock, I pulled her up and kissed her again as I maneuvered her to the bed, I laid down and had her get on top in the 69 position, we 69'd for about 10 minutes, I had to have her stop sucking every once in awhile so as not to make me cum to soon, I ate her delicious pussy and caressed her big clit with my tongue, She had a nice orgasm from my oral ministrations, Soon she said she needed me inside her pussy, I flipped her on her back and put my cock at her hot wet opening, then I slide the head in, her eyes opened wide and she moaned, she said she had not had a cock as big as mine in a very long time, I literally jammed my cock to the balls in her snug pussy, Pausing for a few seconds to let her adjust, then I pulled out till just the head was left in, her pussy was tight and she had incredible muscle control, her pussy muscles caressed my cock with every stroke, soon she said "enough of the nice stuff, Just fuck me like no tomorrow", I picked up the tempo and was soon slamming into her hot pussy, I soon was on the verge of cumming and told her so she could make the decision if I needed pull out, She said "Just Fuck Me and Fill My Pussy With Your hot Seed" I was happy or oblige, My balls contracted and I erupted a huge load of cum deep into her womb as she bucked up to meet my loins in her own orgasm. We fell on the bed sweaty and breathing hard, after a few moments we had recovered to be able to talk, she said that was the best fuck she had in a long time, I ask if it was time for me to leave, she said that if I was up to it we could do this all morning, I readily agreed We lay there and talked about what just happened and if I was pleased with her looks as she was somewhat my senior by a few years, Assured her she was a beautiful woman and I truly enjoy seeing her in all her naked glory, (side note: whats not to like about tall well defined Nordic blond both up and down, ) She wanted me to know up front that she was still in love with her husband and would never consider leaving him, I told her I too was married and was not in the mind to leave my wife either, She seemed to relax as we talked , I began to caress her lovely tits and kissed her french style while she caressed my soft cock bringing it back to life, I kissed my way down her body till my tongue met her blond bush, her scent mixed with mine as so sweet to me, I slid my tongue down her wt slit and tasted our combined juices form our fuck, I grabbed her hips and pulled her on top of me, 69 as I ate that sweet juicy pussy, she licked and jacked my cock back to full hardness as I concentrated my tongue action on her clit she soon sat up and pushed her pussy onto my face as she had another climatic event, her juiced trickled out of her pussy into my waiting mouth, slid down my body and slide my rock hard cock deep into her waiting wet pussy, reverse cowgirl position, she leaned forward and I got the view of my cock sliding in her, She increased the pace and soon was slamming down onto my hips hard, burring my cock deep inside her , I felt my balls contract as I was building up steam for another shot inside her womb, she made a loud guttural sound and slammed hard on my hips as her body convulsed in orgasm this sent me over the top and I shot another load of hot cum deep inside her contracting pussy. she fell forward as we came down from or orgasmic glory, her breath was cumming hard , soon she rolled off and we lay together again, she said she had never had a man eat her out after he had cum inside her, this excited her beyond her wildest imagination, she asked if I did this often with my sexual partners, I told her that I did as often as possible, she was sorry she could not give me a proper BJ on the second go around as it was something she had never done, but she would like to add this to our play time. I told her I had to go to work, she offered me a shower before I left, I declined as I could shower at work, maybe in our future we could shower together before and after our pleasure...She said I could count on that.......This was the start of a sweet relationship that lasted for over two years.

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