Why does "hemorrhoids" become rectal cancer? Can hemorrhoids canceration? Doctor: both are easily misdiagnosedToday, I'd like to share a case: Mr. Li, 48, came to the clinic to see hemorrhoids, but was accidentally told that he was diagnosed with "rectal cancer". What's the situation? Can hemorrhoids also become cancerous? The patient had hemorrhoids when he was young, and occasionally had blood in his stool. He went to the hospital. The doctor said it was not serious. As long as he paid attention to his diet and had regular re examination.Later, after the patient paid attention to the diet, there was really little blood in the stool. It only happened after eating and drinking a lot of chili peppers. Until the last three months, Mr. Li began to have frequent bloody stools, intermittent, and the number of stools increased significantly, occasionally with diarrhea and constipation. After feeling something wrong, he hurried to the hospital for examination, but found that it was rectal cancer.Hemorrhoids is a common benign anorectal disease. Colorectal cancer is a malignant tumor that occurs in the rectal mucosal epithelium. Hemorrhoids will not become cancerous, that is, hemorrhoids will not lead to rectal cancer. So why did Mr. Li's "hemorrhoids" become "colon cancer"? One of the reasons is that hemorrhoids and rectal cancer can occur at the same time. Patients think that hematochezia is caused by hemorrhoids. They relax their vigilance and do not realize that colorectal cancer can also cause hematochezia. These two diseases are easy to be confused.

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