h1>General view: made it through the trough</h1>01standard scenarioOptical fiber is a soft and also thin tool that transmits light beam of lights. Many optical fibers should be covered by several layers of safety frameworks prior to use, as well as the protected cords are called optical wires. The optical fiber is the core part of the optical wire, and the optical fiber forms the optical cable television through the defense of some components as well as the complementary safety layer.<img width="333" src="https://engineeringinsider.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/fiber-optic-cable-1024x576-1.jpg">The primary objective of optical fiber wire is communication, which is a brand-new generation of transmission medium. https://youfibercable.en.alibaba.com/product/1536623020-807765684/high_quality_1_16_Fiber_Optic_PLC_Splitter_Ningbo_Youxin.html of optical fiber transmission significantly goes beyond that of copper cable televisions, and the optimum distance supported is more than 2 kilometers.There are several ways to classify optical cables. According to the number of optical fibers had, they can be separated right into single-core and multi-core.The model of the optical cable television has a relatively standard identifying, which is made up of 2 parts: the type code of the optical cable and also the spec code of the fiber optics, divided by a brief straight line in the center. The model of the optical cable television is made up of 5 parts: category, strengthening participant, acquired features, sheath and outer layer. You can understand the category of the optical cable if you understand the design, GYXTW-12B1, which means that the outdoor main tube is full of entrained steel mesh polyethylene to protect the 12-core standard single-mode.The majority of optical fibers have to be covered by a number of layers of protective frameworks before use, and also the covered cable televisions are called optical wires. The optical fiber is the core component of the optical cord, and the optical fiber creates the optical cable with the defense of some components and also the auxiliary safety layer.The bandwidth of optical fiber transmission considerably exceeds that of copper cords, as well as the optimum range supported is more than two kilometers. https://youfibercable.en.alibaba.com/product/1600173506088-807982872/Coaxial_cable_double_density_cctv_camera_RG6_with_messenger.html of the optical cord has a reasonably standardized identifying, which is composed of two components: the kind code of the optical cord as well as the spec code of the optical fiber, divided by a brief straight line in the middle.

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