shawn September 25, 2012 at 2:57 pm Hi guys. I found the your brain on porn site in july and since july 19th i’ve probably edged 5 times. Not to porn though. I found a new high which is girls shaking their ass on youtube. It’s stupid i know but i figure it’s not porn and im not materbating to compleation with porn anymore so i’ve made SOME improvement. Right? What messed me up was after 3 whole weeks of no porn , no naked girl pictures, not even semi naked girls on TV, i edged to girls on youtube i was talking about. I was upset about being lonely and never having a girl. Where i work, all you see are couples and beautiful girls. That frustrated me and i went home that night and edged. Ever since i edge maby every week or 2. Which adddd to 5 since july i mentioned. But today while i was out i saw this very pretty young girl. She walked by me and she had the most beautiful eyes, lips and face. Her body was amazing too. So after i saw her i got frustrated again that i’ve never had girl like that. Im a 28YO virgin. So about 2 hours ago i edged to porn. It was a girl giving a blow job. Some semen came out too. I felt like shit afterwards but im feeling better now. I didn’t release all the semen i have built up me though. So thats good. Everytime i edged only a small amount of semen came out. So i think i still have a lot in me. But still, i shouldn’t be doing this anyway. I hope to pass the 3 weeks of no semen release that i left off at. But first i do plan on seeing an escort.

shawn September 25, 2012 at 3:09 pm This is the first time i looked at porn fully since july. I know i progressed though because before finding the your brain on porn site i use to masterbate to porn 3 times a day or more. Now it’s so easy not to watch porn.

I feel better not watching it and releasing semen too. More energy and full of life. Im more motivated to look at girls and TRY to talk to them. I don’t know how to approach girls so talking never happens. I freeze up.

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