img width="383" src="">Latin massa refers to mass, touch or rub. The word is commonly applied to describe various types of touch and body therapies. Our history reveals, but massage actually originated within Ancient Greece. The many different branches of massage are being taught in China, Japan, Tibet, India and Italy. The majority of Western nations haven't tried this approach and remain with their regular exercise routines, diets as well as medications.The most known information about the source for massage, is it that it started as an ancient way of healing that became popular in classical times in Egypt, Greece and Italy. The popularity of massage waned in the Middle Ages, when doctors began to use the new technology in medicine that was created in the same manner in the field of massage therapy. The wheel was just one of these medical innovations. It was developed to massage the body with constant pressure across a vast surface with high speed. The massage would be carried out in short, fast movements that would be repeated every now and then. The technique is extremely painful and dangerous and was ultimately abandoned in favour alternative methods that were more gentle.Apelles of Mycenae, an Egyptian Sage, who lived during the 12th century, was first taught about the ancient medicine. The technique of plaster Castor oil was developed by Apelles, and utilized for skin massage. He developed the plaster-on collagen method later. This was the basis for the vast majority of knowledge on massage created up until the 12th century. Another important person to introduce massage techniques to Greeks is Archimedes. He received training in the fields of astrology and medicine, and was highly skilled in treating diseases with basic instruments. The treatments included oils and lotions which could be used to ease inflammation and pain.In the second millennium BC time frame, Greece was a significant masseuse's center throughout Asia Minor. Hippocrates was the catalyst for its development. Hippocrates was the father of medicine and became famous for his Hippocratic philosophy, which taught that the human body was in a position to heal it self. In addition, he felt the cause of illness was the imbalance of "life-force" in the body. In order to alleviate these symptoms and promote healing, he developed massage therapy.There are many types of massage that could be employed nowadays. They include Swedish massage, Shiatsu reflexology, acupressure. Each has a purpose and each one is different. Swedish massage is a gentle stroke of your body using the hands of the massage practitioner. The strokes are slow and the massage involves much touching to the body by the fingertips and palms. The massage is very soothing and helps relax the patient and take away all of the tension and knots that could be in his or her connective tissue and muscles.Shiatsu Massage is another form of massage developed in Asia and that is focused on Acupressure points. The technique uses movements manipulatives, pressure and manipulations to focus on the various pressure points. In contrast to Swedish massages, Shiatsu does not just use the palms and fingers but also uses the elbows, knees and even the feet. Because of this, Shiatsu techniques for massage have been practiced in Japan, China, Korea and many other Asian countries for many thousands of years.Ayurvedic Massage is one of the most well-known forms of massage. Ayurvedic massage originates from India Its roots are rooted in the past. Ayurvedic is an ancient form of healing that originates from the very first Hindu principles. Because of this, Ayurvedic massage is widely utilized by health spas and holistic clinics across the globe.

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