The Authors Odyssey, the long-awaited sequel to The Princess and the Frog, is now available. A sweeping tale of love and loss, The Authors Odyssey tells the story of a young girl named Marina. While she and her friend Flora strive to improve their respective lives, a tragic event occurs in the background. When the body of a drowned person washes up on the beach, it prompts Marina and Flora to investigate the death. The results are not what they were expecting. The dead man's skull is alive and its presence has caused shock waves throughout the city, erupting the peace talks underway between the two countries.<iframe src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>The Authors Odyssey will be an immediate success for Disney, thanks to the stellar ensemble that includes Edward Norton, Kevin Costner and Dabney Coleman. The film will be as entertaining for children and adults as the original. If you loved The Princess and the Frog, you are sure to enjoy The Authors Odyssey as well. It's a fast paced fantasy movie that manages to be both funny and sentimental at the same at the same time. This one is an absolute must-see.The book is available online for download. There are also synopsis and plots that can be watched for those who do not wish to see the film. The novel starts off when Flora and Marina are walking through the aisles of their church and they decide to kiss each other one last kiss. The kiss goes off without a hitch until they are stopped by a burglar who tries to steal their belongings. They escape into the woods but are confronted by the reptile monster Pugs.Based on the well-known book by Margret Wise Brown, The Authors Odyssey is a coming of age story about two teens, Marina and Flora, who have just started high school. As they discover more about themselves, they realize they need to figure out their place in the world. When they do, however, they discover that they are in grave danger. Foe their best friend, is forced to join the monsters of forest. They have to work together if want to survive. The book continues as they discover their greatest problem is finding someone who will read their stories.The book has received a number of reviews and has been made available for free on numerous websites since its launch. It has been a hit with people who love thrillers with a fantasy theme and also by children teenagers, adults, and children. This new book will please readers who have never read any of Brown's previous works. The text is written in a simple manner. You'll love the story and the manner in which it's told as well as the stunning layout of the text on the computer screen.Readers who do not have a keen interest in the plot can relax and download for free eBooks of The Authors Odyssey. However, those with an avid fascination with the characters will be drawn into the various episodes and scenes. Brown uses a unique perspective in telling the story, and this is definitely appropriate given the subject matter of the novel. Foe the main character is one of the most reckless characters ever created. He is described as an "dirt dog" who is more interested in getting into trouble than in doing the right thing.Brown utilizes his writing skills to tell the story from a different perspective which makes the tale enjoyable for those who like reading in this manner. The novel is a fast-paced action novel with beautiful illustrations. This collection also contains a number of his earlier writings. Readers will likely get to know a lot of characters at the close of the book. There are also a lot of back stories that connect to the main story and they add depth and substance to the tale. Readers who are fans of Brown's earlier works should look into this new book, which is sure to become a bestseller.The fans of the dark urban fantasy genre may be interested in A Writers Odyssey, which will surely become a staple in the world of fiction for many readers. The novel is chock with rich descriptions of the under streets of London and a great deal of the city's past. Brown manages to add magic to the setting in many ways, which gives an extra dimension to the story. This is a great read for readers. It has so much to provide. If you enjoy dark urban fantasy with a twist, then A Writers Odyssey is sure to be a favorite of many.

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