Hemorrhoids are common anorectal diseases, and the types of hemorrhoids are diverse, mainly including the venous mass of internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. The treatment method shall be selected according to the symptoms. No matter whether there are hemorrhoids or not, you can use saline to clean the anus, which can effectively clean and sterilize. You should also be prepared for prevention in life, which can prevent the development of hemorrhoids and reduce the feeling of discomfort.Hemorrhoids as internal hemorrhoids, the main component is blood vessels. As external hemorrhoids, especially varicose external hemorrhoids, the main component is venous mass. Whether it is venous mass or not, hemorrhoids must be eliminated. Because the anal pad of internal hemorrhoids has its own important physiological function, and the venous mass of external hemorrhoids has no harm, the principle of treatment is to treat by symptoms, and no symptoms can be ignored.If there are internal hemorrhoid venous mass or external hemorrhoid varicose veins and there are no uncomfortable symptoms, treatment can not be used. If hemorrhoids prolapse, different treatment methods shall be selected according to the situation, scope and size of prolapse.Saline has the function of cleaning and disinfection. Whether hemorrhoids occur or not, regular cleaning with saline has a certain preventive effect. Hemorrhoids are treated according to symptoms, especially in case of bleeding, swelling and pain and prolapse. Hemorrhoids patients can wash with saline after defecation and before going to bed, and consciously wash with cold water, which can better prevent the occurrence and attack of hemorrhoids.Because the special position of hemorrhoids is that the anal pad has important physiological functions, it is necessary to develop the habits of diet, life, defecation and rest to prevent hemorrhoids, so as to avoid the congestion and expansion of blood vessels of the anal pad caused by the above incentives.Most hemorrhoids are related to factors such as staying up late, drinking, spicy food, bad stool and so on. Frequent constipation, squatting in the toilet for too long, and the increase of the number of stools will stimulate the anal pad, causing congestion and expansion of the blood vessels of the anal pad. In addition, sedentary standing and overwork will cause congestion and expansion of anal pad. In the process of removing the inducement, we should also pay attention to local cleanliness and hygiene. We can often use shower to cool the anal part, or sit bath to effectively prevent the occurrence, attack and development of hemorrhoids.

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