Drunken Russian: “That Broadway chick just called me because she wants to know if you still want to hang out with them.”

And soon enough, I get another phone call. This time from Broadway. Dim the lights, because this Broadway show? It has only just begun.

Background? I know that I am a physically attractive guy, and in turn, when there aren’t a ton of distractions around, I will more than likely lay back, and let the girl chase me. It has always worked for me, so there is no reason to deviate from it.

Now some of you are wondering why I didn’t sleep with her that night. Two reasons in particular. The first being Martini. He just wouldn’t leave us alone for most of the night. The second reason being that someone had brought up one night stands, something that you should never do. If you’re looking for a one night stand, then just go for it and see what happens, but don’t talk about it, as it raises the guards of women.

Is it OK to say “Hey, I want to have sex.”? Absolutely. But whatever you do, don’t pussyfoot around it. It shows weakness, and she knows why you’re asking her about it. Yeah, she might have had a ONS with you, but you’re going about it in a weak manner, and it‘s a big turn off. Either you say that’s what you want, or you just go for it. Whatever you do, don’t pussyfoot around it.

Anyways, back to why I didn’t sleep with Broadway. Girl #2 came in and said something to Broadway about not being a slut. In turn, this immediately set off Broadway’s “I’m not a slut” alarm, so that ONS option was pretty much thrown out the window from that point on. I know that I’m going to have sex with her, so all I need to do is lay back and let it handle itself.

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