Ok so, this is coming from a girl. I don’t get why all you game bloggers are so obsessed about learning new languages, and think it will improve your odds with girls. I mean, ok, if you travel a lot and want to bang locals who don’t speak english : fine, sure, I get it. But hey, most of you guys don’t seem to do that anyway. Do you think we want to bang you more because you know more than english? Because it makes you more “interesting” ? Sure we’ll think it’s cool, just as if it was a girl who spoke a few languages. But does it make you more attractive? Nah… Not really… At least not for me. Or my girlfriends, who I’ve asked about this. (and NO we are not fugly feminist dumb bitches, jealous of your language skills, spare me)

What you should be focusing on is: looks, style, game, humor and getting rich. Yup.

I think you answered your own question in the first sentence. If you travel a lot OR if you live in a city that has a strong sub community of girls from the country that speak that language your are learning. In DC for example, NY, Miami, LA.

Learning a language means you can speak with non-english speakers. And almost always, they tend to be nicer than the English speakers. In fact, you could argue the more English a girl knows, the less desirable she will be since she will have more anglo-saxon cultural traits and a bigger pool of guys to work with.

Learning a language is what is termed in business as a “barrier to entry”. Therefore, any guys who have made it through this barrier will have less competition and more choice, thus better prospects, than what they would have back home.

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