A Mad Mans Resume March 31, 2010 at 2:14 am

Overall, I think Mr. Rahim exaggerates the reasons for why people choose to date outside of their race although I will submit that there is some truth to much of he says. A Black women may not “love” her race as you see it because they’re not part of the Black Students organization, do not date mostly black men, or do not have many black friends but perhaps that’s because there are not many blacks in her social environment (rather than mere geographic environment as you seemed to imply) that share the same interests as her. Perhaps, too many people that date interracially race is not the first thing on their mind when choosing a mind and if it is there’s real reason to assume that they truly hate themselves. Even if they do, it’s their problem to deal with. REPLY

Asad March 31, 2010 at 6:54 am

MadMan?: I think the problem with this argument is that it focuses on the exceptions. How many Zab Judahs are out there? And how many black women are looking for a goth guy? While there are undoubtedly some, there are not enough of these exceptions to dismiss a general rule. And more importantly, I think a lot of these people that argue that other races have more desirable personalities or social characteristics are just as crazy in the head as people who say find other races’ physical characteristics more attractive.

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